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Last update: 20160529

■Research Theme

Ethics, Sociology (Social Theory)

■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2014 "The Approach to Global Ethic of Richard Rorty and its Critique," Ars Vivendi Journal 6: 3-11 [PDF]

◆March 23, 2014 "Farewell"

◆May 23, 2012 "Self-introduction"

◆March 2011 "Problems of Consent regarding Care?: On Paternalism and "Euthanasia," Gendai Shakaigaku Rironkenkyu 5

◆March 31, 2011 Greetings of Solidarity: Rorty and Thoughts of Hope Seikatsu Shoin, 328p. ISBN-10: 490369075X ISBN-13: 9784903690704 2940 [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆August 18, 2010 "An Alternative Approach to Global Ethics: Beyond Rorty," Workshop with Prof. Thomas Pogge, Ritsumeikan University

◆ABE Akira & HOTTA Yoshitaro (Eds.) February 26, 2010 Care and Ethics / Ethics of Care, Report Issued by Research Center of Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University, Vol.11, 2010. 257p. ISSN 1882-6539

◆November 16, 2009 "Approaches to the Issues of Euthanasia / Death with Dignity with the View of Ars Vivendi" Contributing to this Website

HOTTA Yoshitaro, ABE Akira, MATOBA Kazuko & ARIMA Hitoshi May 9, 2009 "The Importance of Social Support in Decision Making regarding Terminal Care: What ALS Patients in Japan can Teach us", Poster Presentation at 11th Congress of the EAPC, Vienna, Austria

◆ABE Akira & ARIMA Hitoshi (Eds.) March 19, 2009 Care and Emotional Labor, Report Issued by Research Center of Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University, Vol.8, 2009. 247p. ISSN 1882-6539

◆February 25, 2009 "Criticism of Care Ethics: Preface", Ars Vivendi 1:279-292

HOTTA Yoshitaro, ARIMA Hitoshi, ABE Akira & MATOBA Kazuko February 25, 2009 "Lessons of Lesley Burke Case in the UK: Second-Thoughts on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics", Ars Vivendi 1:131-164

◆September 14, 2008 Report "Critical Examination of Normative Social Theories: Over Summum Malum Appraoch"
The 3rd Annual Convention of the Society for Sociological Theory in Japan, Kobe University

◆July 31, 2008 Comment, "Logic and Ethics of Care: Nursing Care, Emotion and Labor", Ritsumeikan University

◆March 31, 2008 "The Logical Structure of Richard Rorty's Liberalism"
Core Ethics 4:1-12 [Abstract]

◆December 23, 2007 Report
Study Group of Care, #403/404, Soshikan Building, Ritsumeikan University

◆November 3, 2007 "Richard Rorty's Theory of "Justice"" (Japanese)
The 60th Annual Convention of Kansai Society for Ethics, Kyoto Women's University

◆August 10, 2007 "To whom should We Provide Care to what Extent?: Range and Limitaion of "Ethics of Care"" (Japanese)
Study Group: Considering Care in "Publicness", Ritsumeikan University

◆ABE Akira, OTANI Michitaka & MATOBA Kazuko May 19, 2007 "Offense and Defense over the Bill of Death with Dignity in Britain No.2: Condition of the Campaign outside the Diet" (Japanese)
The 33rd Annual Convention of the Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology, Niigata University of Health and Welfare
http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/~gr022059/product/joffe/20070519abe.htm (Japanese)

◆March 2007 "Rethinking of Social Solidarity"
The Journal of Studies in Contemporary Sociological Theory 1:70-83 [Abstract]

◆March 31, 2006 "An Inquiry into R. Rorty's View on Human Rights"
Core Ethics 2:1-15 [Abstract]

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