Nambyo: ALS / MND etc. 2011

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Published Articles and Public Lectures on ALS etc.
Authored by the faculties and students of the Research Center of Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University

HIDAKA Tomoo August 2011 "Living with an Intractable Disease: Technology and "Technical Peer Support" for an ALS Patient," Ars Vivendi Journal 1:52-55 [HTML]/[PDF]

ONO Mayuko March 31, 2011 "Aiming to Achieve Social Understanding of a Neglected Disease: The Development and Progress of the CRPS Patients' Association of South Korea"
 Core Ethics 7:11-22 [PDF]

NISHIDA Miki March 31, 2011 "Allowing Medical Treatment by Caregivers during Long-term Care: Towards a New National Policy"
 Core Ethics 7:223-234 

HASEGAWA Yui March 31, 2011 "Independent Living for Care-needing Patients with Worsening Symptoms of Disease: Supporting a Single ALS Patient in Transition from Hospital to Home"
 Core Ethics 7:249-259 [PDF]

YAMAMOTO Shinsuke March 31, 2011 "A Case Study on the Living Environment of a Single ALS Patient"
 Core Ethics 7:311-321 [PDF]

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