Nambyo: ALS / MND etc. 2013

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Published Articles and Public Lectures on ALS etc.
Authored by the faculties and students of the Research Center of Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University

UEMURA Kaname July 1, 2013 "Considering gTreatmenth through Stevens-Johnson Syndrome"

NISHIDA Miki March 31, 2013 "The Difficulties of Caring for ALS Patients at Home: From the Point of View of Carers"
Core Ethics 9:199-210@[Abstract in English]

AHN Hyosuk March 31, 2013 "A Comparative Study of Systems in South Korea and Japan for Supporting ALS Patients: An Analysis of Public Support Systems for People with Intractable Diseases, Disabilities, or Major Care Needs"
Core Ethics 9:257-268@[Abstract in English]

Newspaper Articles

October 30, 2013@"Health ministry eyes lower medical expenses for intractable diseases" iThe Japan Timesj

February 5, 2013@"Reform of rare-disease subsidies" iThe Japan Timesj

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