Nambyo: ALS / MND etc. 2010

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Published Articles and Public Lectures on ALS etc.
Authored by the faculties and students of the Research Center of Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University

ITO Kayoko March 31, 2010 "Muscular Dystrophy Wards: Issues Related to Long-term Care Facilities in Japan," Core Ethics6: 25-36 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

KATSURAGI Teizo March 31, 2010 "Establishment of the Intractable Disease Association of Shiga," Core Ethics 6: 145-155 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

NISHIDA Miki March 31, 2010 "Communication Deficiencies and Misunderstandings in Home Care Services for Patients with Severe Progressive Diseases Who Live Alone: A Case Study of an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Patient," Core Ethics 6:311-321, Graduate School of Core Ethics & Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

HASEGAWA Yui March 31, 2010 "Independent Living for Care-needing Patients with Worsening Symptoms of Disease: From a Case of Establishing a Care System for an ALS Patient Living Alone," Core Ethics 6: 349-359 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

YAMAMOTO Shinsuke March 31, 2010 "Improving Living Conditions of People with Severe Physical Disabilities: Supporting Residential Moves of Single ALS Patients," Core Ethics 6: 451-460 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

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