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■Current Status:

Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Letters, Ritsumeikan University

■Areas of Interest:


■Academic Achievements

◆ August 2011 "Living with an Intractable Disease: Technology and "Technical Peer Support" for an ALS Patient," Ars Vivendi Journal 1:52-55 [HTML]/[PDF]

◆ March 25, 2011 "Fruitful Visit to Italy: The Workshop at the University of Bergamo in Italy," Ars Vivendi Vol.3:245-247

◆ September 17, 2010 "Living with an Intractable Disease: Technology and 'Technical Peer-support' for an ALS Patient," The 2nd Workshop The Mechanization of Empathy in Health Care, The University of Bergamo

◆ HIDAKA Tomoo, MIZUKI Shodo, SATO Tatsuya & MATSUBARA Yoko October 26, 2007 "Analysis of IT-supported Communication Opportunities for ALS Patients", Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 15:25-38 [abstract]

MATSUBARA Yoko, MIZUKI Shodo, HIDAKA Tomoo & SATO Tatsuya October 26, 2007 "An Attempt to Conduct ALS Patient Meetings Using the Internet", Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 15:141-156 [abstract]


◆Project Leader, Study Group on Qualitative Study of "Support" of Nanbyo in Academic Year 2009

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