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高 雅郁

Eunice Ya-Yu KAO

last update:20170822

・Place of Birth: Taipei County (New Taipei City), Taiwan
・Current Status: Graduate Student,Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan (2017/04-)

■Research Theme

Self-Advocacy of persons with intellectual disability, Independent Living of Disability

■Areas of Interest

Disability Studies, Social Welfare, Social Work

■Related Link

◇Eunice Ya-Yu Kao, Taiwan - Those who can pay have migrant care workers as assistants


◇M.A. in Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang-Ming University(Taipei,Taiwan)(2013)
◇Exchange Student, Jyvaskyla University(Jyvaskyla, Finland)(2011/08-2012/05)
◇B.A. in Sociology, National Chengchi University(Taipei, Taiwan)(1999)

■Work Experience・Activities

◇2013/03-2017/03 Social Worker, Parents’ Association of Persons with Intellectual Disability, Taiwan(PAPID, Taiwan)(NPO)(Taipei,Taiwan)
◇2010/07-2011/07 Personal Assistant(Part-time), New Vitality Independent Living Association, Taipei(NPO) (Taipei,Taiwan)
◇2008/12-2009/02 Supporter in community for persons with intellectual disabilities (Part-time),Jewish Care Victoria(NPO)(Melbourne,Australia)
◇2005/01- current Volunteer, the Flying Wheelchair Program, Japan Social Welfare Kousaikai(Japan/Taiwan)
◇2004/03-2004/12 the 21st Trainee, Training program for Asian social workers, Japan National Council of Social Welfare (Tokyo/Ehime/Gunma, Japan)
◇1999/07-2008/04 Social Worker, The League of Welfare Organizations for the Disabled(NPO) (Taipei,Taiwan)

■Publications and Presentations

◇Master Thesis
・KAO,E. Ya-Yu,2013,Independent Living for People with Disabilities: A Comparison of Services Provided by Personal Assistants, Live-in Migrant Care Workers, and Homecare Workers. Taipei: Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, National Yang-Ming University.

◇Journals, Magazines
・KAO,E. Ya-Yu,2015,“The development of Self-Advocacy in Taiwan,” Inclusion Japan, 7(713):14−15. (in Japanese)
・KAO,E. Ya-Yu,2014,“What is ‘Independent’? - The example of Disability Welfare in Taiwan,” Monthly Welfare, 9(14):15−17. (in Japanese)

・Kao, E.Ya-Yu and Lin, Hui-Fang, 2017,“The new direction of social work profession: under the self-advocacy trend,” 2017 Asian conference on Social Work Education,Taipei, Taiwan, June 1-2, 2017.

・Kao, E.Ya-Yu and Lin, Hui-Fang, 2016,“ The Development of Self-Advocacy for Persons with Intellectual Challengers in Taiwan,” the 8th Conference of Services for persons with intellectual disabilities between Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and Macau,Macau,May 18-20,2016.

・Kao, E.Ya-Yu and Lin, Hui-Fang, 2015,“The Development and Support for Self-Advocacy of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities,” 2015 Taiwan Social Welfare Conference,Taipei, Taiwan, May 15-16, 2015.
・Kao, E.Ya-Yu and Lin, Hui-Fang, 2015,“Self-Advocacy of Persons with Intellectual Challengers: The Development in Taiwan,”22nd AFID Conference, Colombo, Sri Lanka,October 4-7,2015. (in English)

・Kao, E.Ya-Yu, 2014,“Independent Living for People with Disabilities: A Comparison of Services Provided by Personal Assistants, Live-in Migrant Care Workers, and Homecare Workers,” 2014 Taiwan Social Welfare Conference,Chiayi, Taiwan, May 23-24, 2014.
・Kao, E.Ya-Yu, 2014,“What is ‘Independent’? -The example of Social Welfare in Taiwan,”6th Seminar for Asian Social Welfare,Tokyo,Japan,September 3-5,2014.(in Japanese)

・Kao, E.Ya-Yu, 2011, “Who Really Support Me to Live Independently? - A Comparison of Services Provided by Homecare Workers, Migrant Care Workers and Personal Assistants: Users’ Perspectives,” NNDR 11th Research Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, May 27-28,2011. (in English)

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