Mitsuko Obata

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*Current Status: Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

*Areas of Interest:
"Study on Care for Human Dignity in Acute-Phase Treatment: Based on the Experience as an ICU Nurse" (Tentative Title)

[Member of Societies]
- Japan Academy of Nursing Science (Councilor)
- Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine
- Japan Association for Bioethics (Japanese)
- Japan Society of Nursing Research (Japanese) (Councilor)
- Japan Intractable Illness Nursing Society (Japanese)
- Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology (Japanese)
- Japan Academy of Critical Care Nursing (Japanese)

*Academic Achievements
*August 10, 2007 "From the Clinical Field No.1"
Study Group: Considering Care in "Publicness", Ritsumeikan University

*2000 "Assistance that Supports the Dignity of Patients: Accute Care does not Only Mean the Life Saving"
Editorial Supervisor: Nakanishi, Mutsuko/Inoue, Tomoko, Onishi, Chiemi & Saito, Yayoi (eds.) TACS Series 4 Nursing Science for Adults: Acute Period Kenpakusha, pp156-163=March 31, 2007 Birth 1:20-26 (Reprinted)

*2005 "Respiration-Circulation Function and Disorder: Circulatory Function Disorder and its Formation" Nursing Graphicus 10: Chapter 1-4, 58-61, 89-91, 92-98, Fukatani, Chieko et al.

*2003 "Study on Care Inherent in Music Treatment" The 33rd Meeting of Japanese Nursing Association 37-39, TACS Series "Clinical Adult Nursing: Acute Phase" Iwamoto, Mutsue, Obata, Mitsuko et. al.

*2002 "Aid to Support the Dignity of Patients" Inoue, Tomoko et al. Kenpakusha

*1998 "Development of Nursing for Cardiac Infarction (Recovery Phase) Patients" Clinical Study 19(6) Special Edition 24-29, Igaku Shoin

*1998 "Rehabilitation Nursing as Critical Care" Kango Gijyutu 44(10) Special Edition 12-17, Igaku Shoin

*1997 "The Meaning of Circulation for Human Body: Problems and Finding Process for Nursing" Clinical Nursing Seminar: Caring Disabled 10 vols. "Nursing Patients with Circulatory Function Disorder" Vol.3: 1-43,146-165, Obata, Mitsuko et al. Medical Friend

*1997 "Awareness of Nurses and My Suggestion on 'Suppression'" Expert Nurse 13(2), 24-27, Shogakukan

*1995 "A Case of Patient who needed Surgical Treatment" Standard Nursing Course: Clinical Adult Nursing Circulatory Function 169-190, Yamazaki, Keiko et al., Kanehara Shuppan

*1992 "Suppression" Nursing Today 7(1), 52-55, Japanese Nursing Association Publishing

*2006 "A Comparison of Nursing Services in Japan and China" The 3rd International Academic Meeting of Yanbian University of Science and Technology

*2004 "Reports on Nursing Students Visit Nursing Single ALS Home Care Patients (1st-3rd Reports)" The 9th Meeting of Japan Intractable Illness Nursing Society

*2005 "The Occurrence of Postoperative Delirium Caused by the Change in Treatment Background and the Application of Preventive Nursing" MEXT Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research Report

*2001 "Nurse's Ethical Decision and Reaction for the Bedside Suppression (Body Restriction): Investigative Study on Situation of Suppression in ICUs and Decision and Reaction of Nursing Staff" MEXT Grant-in-Aid Scientific Research Report

*1997 "How to Think 'Human Death'?"
"The Role of Thanatology in Students and Social Education: Its Prospect and Trials in Basic and Academic Studies" FY1996 Project Research at Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare (Research Representative: Kondo, Noriyuki)

Project Member, Project Conducted by Graduate Students, "Study Group on Care"(Japanese) in FY 2008

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