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■Current Status:

Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Research Theme

BilingualーBicultural education of Deaf, Disability Support in Higher Education

■Academic achievements

□Book contribution Co-authored

◇Kwak Jeongran, 2013/10 "The history of Disabled People from the disability welfare system in South-Korea", Jo Hanjin, Kang Minhee, Cho Wonil, June Jihae, Jeong Heegyung, eds. Doing a disability studies in Korea, Seoul:Hakujisa,ISBN 9788999702297(8999702294), pp.263-288

□Journal article

Refereed paper
◇Kwak Jeongran, 2014/03, "Opening the Deaf Free School `Tatsunoko Gakuen`", Core Ethics, Vol.10, pp.61-72(in Japanese)

◇Kwak Jeongran, 2012/03, "Why Are Severely Disabled People Unable to Go to School in South Korea:The Case of a Night School for Disabled People", Core Ethics, Vol.8, pp.113-122(in Japanese)

◇Kim Byungha, Park Gyeongran, Kwak Jeongran, 2011/06 "A Study on Scholastic History of Education for the Hearing Impaired in Korea(2): From the 1980s to the middle of the 1990s", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice, Vol.12(2), pp. 157-176(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeongran, Seo Yeongran, Lee Jeongok, 2011/03, "Qualitative Study on Deaf Parents’Experiences Rearing Their Deaf Children: the Language Choice", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice, Vol.12(1), pp.329-349(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeongran, 2010/06, "A Qualitative Research on Parents’Choice to Cochlear Implants", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice, Vol.11(2), pp.251-279(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeongran, 2010/03, "Process of Creation and Acculturation of Special Classes in South Korea: 1970~1974", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice,Vol.11(1), pp.277-305(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeong-Ran, 2009/03, "An Ethnographic Study on History of Higher education for Disabled People", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice Vol.10(1), pp.57-84(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeongran, 2009/06, "An Ethnographic Case Study on Personal Assistant Supports for Students with Severe Physical Disabilities", Korean Journal of Special Education, Vol.44(1),pp.85-108(in Korean)

◇Kim Yong-Wook, Kim Nam-Jin, Kwak Jeongran, 2008/06, "Developing Center for Disability Service for the Disabled in Higher Education InstitutionⅠ: The Reality & Improvement Plan", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice, Vol.9(2), pp.181-202(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeongran, Jung, Woonkee, Kim, Kyungjin, 2004/12 "Reforming Deaf education: The Deaf Centered Approach" Journal of Special Education Vol.11(2),pp.231-253(in Korean)

◇Kwak Jeong-Ran, Kim Byungha, 2004/09. "Nothing About Us Without Us: the Politics of the Disability Discourse", The Journal of Special Education : Theory and Practice, Vol.5(3), pp.249-263(in Korean)

□Reseaech Paper
◇Kwak Jeongran, 2012/11 "Support for hearing impaired student of higher education in South Korea: legal status and the support system of Nazaren University", Syakai Gengogaku(Sociolinguistics), Vol.?, pp.269-282(in Japanese)


◇Kwak Jeongran June 11, 2015 "Linguistic Rights of the Deaf"

◇Kwak Jeongran March 1, 2015 "Examining Deaf Education with Japanese Sign Language as a Medium of Instruction" http://www.ritsumei-arsvi.org/en/news/read/id/254

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