Deviant Science: The Case of Parapsychology

Mcclenon, James 19841101 University of Pennsylvania Press,296p.

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■Mcclenon, James 19841101 Deviant Science: The Case of Parapsychology,University of Pennsylvania Press,296p. ISBN-10:0812211782 ISBN-13:978-0812211788 $35.00 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※ a02m



Discusses the status and legitimacy of parapsychology, examines the attitudes of the most influential scientists, and describes public perception of parapsychology


1 Introduction
2 Scientism and the Rejection of Extraordinary Anomalies
3 The Rhetorical Aspect of Parapsychology's Struggle with Its Critics
4 The Political Struggle of Parapsychology for Legitimacy
5 A Survey of Elite Scientists: Their Attitudes Toward ESP, Parapsychology, and Anomalous Experience
6 The Reaction of Parapsychology to Deviant Labeling
7 The Interraction Between Parapsychology and the Public
8 Conclusion




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