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Sociology of Disabled People Who Have Left Home or Institutions, Third Edition

ASAKA Junko, OKAHARA Masayuki, ONAKA Fumiya & TATEIWA Shin'ya December 25, 2012


ASAKA Junko, OKAHARA Masayuki, ONAKA Fumiya & TATEIWA Shin'ya@December 25, 2012 Ars Vivendi: Sociology of Disabled People Who Have Left Home or Institutions, Third Edition@Tokyo, Seikatsu Shoin, 666p. ISBN-10: 486500002X ISBN-13: 978-4894340169 1200yen + tax [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

ASAKA Junko, OKAHARA Masayuki, ONAKA Fumiya & TATEIWA Shin'ya May 15, 1995 Ars Vivendi: Sociology of Disabled People Who Have Left Home or Institutions (Enlarged and Revised Edition), Tokyo, Fujiwara-Shoten, 366p. ISBN-10: 489434016X ISBN-13: 978-4894340169 3045yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

ASAKA Junko, OKAHARA Masayuki, ONAKA Fumiya & TATEIWA Shin'ya October 25, 1990 Ars Vivendi: Sociology of Disabled People Who Have Left Home or Institutions (First Edition), Fujiwara Shoten, 320p. ISBN-10: 4938661136 ISBN-13: 978-4938661137 2500yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

Table of Contents

@1. About "Independent Living"
@2. Method of Investigation
@3. Structure of the Book

Enlarged and Revised Points

Publication of 3rd Edition

Chapter 1@To "I": 30 Years of My Life@ASAKA Junko
1956: Having Surgeries again and again
1967: Living in the Institution
1970: Coming Home and Participating in Disabled People's Movements
1978: Leaving Home
1983: Visiting Berkeley
1985: New Life in Kunitachi City
1986: Starting a Business as a Peer Counselor

Chapter 2@Life "Outside of Home or Institutions"@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@How They Are Living
2@CIL (Center for Independent Living) Movement in "Western Countries", especially in the U.S.

Chapter 3@Love as a Regime: Meaning of Leaving Family@OKAHARA Masayuki
1@Welfare and "Family"
2@Some Thoughts on a Tragic Case
3@Too Much Love, Parental Mind
4@Normalization of Love and Enclosure by Family
5@Section Summary: Meaning of Leaving Family
mPostscript for Pocket Editionn

Chapter 4@Living Outside of Institutions: Escape from Welfare Space@ONAKA Fumiya
2@"Abuse" and "Bad Treatment"
3@"Control" and "Isolation"
4@Result of "Control" and "Isolation"
5@Logics to Criticize "Control" and "Isolation"
6@Surrounding the Whole Life by Welfare Consideration
7@About "Improving Institutions"
8@Problems "After" Leaving an Institution
9@Section Summary
mPostscript for Pocket Editionn

Chapter 5@Freedom toward Conflicts: Relationship between Care and Being Cared@OKAHARA Masayuki
1@Independence and Human Relationship
2@Disabled People and Care Assistants: Misunderstandings and Complaints
3@Disabled People and Care Assistants: Breaking Through Misunderstandings and Complaints
4@View of the General Public
6@Freedom toward Conflicts
7@Section Summary
mPostscript for Pocket Editionn

Chapter 6@Art of Independence@OKAHARA Masayuki and TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@Trials by Showing the Life Patterns
2@Betting on Uncertain Future
3@Challenge to the Given Places
4@"Affirming" Disability
5@Open the Issues to Outside

Chapter 7@Quickly / Slowly: Birth and Development of Independent Living Movement@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@Policies and Movements before 1960s
2@Turning Point 1: Aoi Shiba no Kai
3@Turning Point 2: From Institutions
4@Existence of Others
6@"Turning" of Policies
7@Present Situation to Borderline

Chapter 8@We Decide, the Society Supports: Theory on PA System@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@Formation of this Society
2@Self Responsibility / Social Duty
4@Voluntary Acts
5@Being Paid
6@Various Systems

Chapter 9@Challenges of CILs@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@"Services" Provided by Disabled People
2@Their Positions
3@Japan Council on Independent Living Centers and its Members
4@Their Activities
5@Subsidies for CILs
6@Their Future

Chapter 10@The Basics Are Simple In Spite of Variousness and Complexity@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1@What Has Been Written or Has Known since the Publication of Enlarged and Revised Edition
2@It Is not Only Limited to Physical Disabilities
3@Various Ways of Living
4@What People who Have Criticized Say the Same Thing
5@Policy: Income/Labor
6@Policy: Social Services
7@Although It Is Necessary to Fight against Citizens' Common Sense
8@It Isn't Decided that Decentralization Is Good
9@License Is not Necessary Except for the Time When Necessary
10 Even if People Cannot Become Happy
11 Recording and Considering

Chapter 11@Mutual Help Versus Disabled People: About 15 Years Since the End of the Previous Century@TATEIWA Shin'ya
1 Review: What Have Expanded the Three Systems
2 Information Makes Systems Expanded
3 Before Nursing Care Insurance Was Adopted Late 1990s
4 Young Disabled People Were not the Target of Nursing Care Insurance April 2000
5 Decision to Become an Employer under Nursing Care Insurance
6 "Upper Limit Problem" January 2003
7 Assistance Fee System April 2003
8 A Proposal to Merge with Nursing Care Insurance September 2003
9 The Act for Supporting the Independence of Persons with Disabilities April 2006
10 After "Change of Power" September 2009
11 Although Disabled People Have Been Tired



Commentary@ONO Sarasa

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