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ASAKA Yuho/Junko
- Born in 1956
- Gave birth to her daughter, Umi, in 1996

Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1956, she was diagnosed as dysosteogenesis in 40 days of birth. She visited Center for Independent Living in Berkley, USA, for six months in 1983. Then, she introduced Peer Counseling in Japan. She now chairs "CIL Kunitachi" which supports independent living of disabled people, and "Group LINK" which supports poor children in the Philippines with educational fund. She also works as the Area Leader of Re-evaluation Counseling in Japan. Her main publications include Sexy Trip for Healing, Declaring War from a Wheelchair (Taro Jiro Sha), "Ars Vivendi: Sociology of Diabled People Who Left Home and Institution (Co-Authored), Men Chosen by Women: Challenging the Men Dominated Society (Co-Authored, Taro Jiro Sha", and others.*

◆December 27, 2002 "Interview to ASAKA Yuho: Discrimination against disabled people threatening their lives"
Furatto (New Media Human Rights Organization)
http://www.jinken.ne.jp/challenged/asaka/index.html (Japanese)

 ・CIL Kunitachi (Kunitachi City, Tokyo) (Japanese)
 ・Bata Bata no Kai
 ・"Independent Living Peer Net" Supporting HIGUCHI Keiko Chairperson (Japanese)

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