Pioneering the Human-Serviceology

MURAMOTO Kuniko, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, TOKUDA Kanji, KASUGAI Toshiyuki & MOCHIZUKI Akira (Eds.) July 2013 Koyo Shobo, 359p.

『Pioneering the Human-Serviceology』

■MURAMOTO Kuniko, TSUCHIDA Noriaki, TOKUDA Kanji, KASUGAI Toshiyuki & MOCHIZUKI Akira (Eds.) July 2013 Pioneering the Human-Serviceology, Koyo Shobo, 359p. ISBN-10:477102460X  3000yen+tax [amazon][kinokuniya]


Human-serviceology specializes in social acts of supporting people, not teaching, correcting, nor measuring them. What are the achievements as a result of learning and practicing Human-serviceology in the field? This book includes 27 reports by researchers who studied Human-serviceology on the areas such as "family/community/society", "human development", "clinical psychology", "humanity formation" and "establishment of behavior" and aims at developing Human-serviceology more.

■Table of Contents

Part 1 Human-Serviceology and Family/Community/Society ( Support the Person Divorcing and Remarrying with Children/ Human Serviceologial Approarch to Young Mothers; etc.)

Part 2 Human-Serviceology Considering at Various Stages of Human Development (Pitfalls Hidden in Learning about Development and Disabilities and Its Proactive Overcome/ Two Supports in Current Youth Education etc.)

Part 3 Human-Serviceology and Clinical Psychology (Clinical Psychology that Can Be Used in Human-Serviceology/ Trial of Connecting Power and Forming Teams of Persons with Human Services: A Case Study of DV Child Project etc.)

Part 4 Humanity Formartion and Human Services (A Form of Social Welfare Practices: On Co-existing Assistance/ Seeking Motivation in Life etc.)

Part 5 Human-Serviceology Aiming at Behavor Establishment of Involved Persons (Student-Initiative Actions for Accepting Students with Disability at University/ Ten Years of First Step Job Group-FSJG- for Supporting Hikikomori etc.)

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