Philosophy of Life and Illness: Political Economy of Existence

KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki June 22, 2012 Seidosha, 384p.
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KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki June 22, 2012 Philosophy of Life and Illness: Political Economy of Existence, Seidosha, 384p. ISBN-10:4791766571 ISBN-13:978-4791766574; 2400 yen + tax [amazon][kinokuniya]


People get ill.
Our flesh transforms, walking the path from life to death. This and nothing else has to be the starting point of any inquiry.
Life science, medicine, sociology, economics, and politics. A finely honed depiction of our lives, this book written by a philosopher with extensive knowledge of the latest scientific achievements is a product of a long, head-on inquiry into such issues framing our reality as law, politics, and social systems.
It is a brilliantly successful attempt to revive philosophy, making it truly matter in the present day.

■Table of Contents


Part I Body/Flesh
Chapter 1 Quest for the Soul: Vital Signs and Mechanical Signals
Chapter 2 Coming People: Potential of Science and Art
Chapter 3 Sense of Injuries, Sense of Flesh
Chapter 4 Still Life

Part II Social Systems/Human Life
Chapter 1 Making Good Use of Reproductive Technology
Chapter 2 Sex, Reproduction, and the Next Generation
Chapter 3 Critical and Clinical in Social Constructivism
Chapter 4 For Economy of Suffering in Illness
Chapter 5 Suffering in Illness and Shadow of Health: Critical Notes on the Rationality of Medicine and Welfare

Part III Theory/Thoughts
Chapter 1 Two Bio-Powers: Homo Sacer and Monsters
Chapter 2 How to Make Good Use of Incarnation: Introduction to Critique of Bioethics
Chapter 3 Ecriture of the Brain: Derrida and Connectionism
Chapter 4 Rethinking Bio-Politics through Surplus and Margin

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Translation by OKAMOTO Yura
Proofread by KATAOKA Minoru
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