Notes on Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines (14)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / July 27, 2016

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July 22, 2016
"Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines": The 14th lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

In this lecture, we examined problems regarding "zine library/archiving".

What I emphasized in particular is the importance of various practices by librarians/archivists.

One of the notable things is the education to zine librarians by zine librarians.
-cf. For Zine Librarians (Barnard Zine Library)
-cf. #zlucOly Zine Librarians unConference, Olympia WA, 2015-10-26
-cf. ZineLibraries.info | sharing zine library love and expertise

It is significant that the tools that zine librarians share mutually the methods of educating and problem consciousness exist.

Another of the notable things is that librarians of local (public) libraries are groping for effective ways of archiving and utilizing positively zine collection for civic education.
-cf. Zines - Frequently Asked Questions (Timberland Regional Library)
-cf. Interview with Long Beach Zine Librarian Ziba Zehdar | Zine Nation

Below are the significances to treat zines in each domain of some kind of libraries.

1) in university libraries
1-1: Zines are placed as official historical documents.
1-2: There has a high storage function.
1-3: The research uses of zines are promoted.

2) in local (public) libraries
Open display and educational practical use of zines play a role to form the significant circulation structure of creativity in an area. It in particular has a great effect on young people.

3) in archive activities of nongovernment organizations
That contributes to enrich the understanding of some social/civil movements (feminism, anarchism, antiwar, anti-discrimination, etc.).
-cf. Bishopsgate Library
-cf. The Feminist Library

There is not yet a official "zine-library/archive" in Japan. At first it is necessary to make it as small practice of DIY. The instances mentioned above will serve as a reference then.

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Sally Pewhairangi @sallyheroes
For #librarians interested in zines in the library: Have you seen @travelinswallow's notes?: http://www.arsvi.com/2010/1607mk4.htm
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