Notes on Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines (9)

MURAKAMI Kiyoshi / June 20, 2016

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June 17, 2016
"Grrrl/Queer/Feminist Zines": The 9th lecture
memorandum (some part of lecture contents)

In this lecture, we examined the influence of the Riot Grrrl movement in the scene of present zine culture.

What I assumed a problem in particular is the 'awaiting solution' that the Riot Grrrl movement had the constitution of 'limited to white-middleclass-girls'.

This is an established theory and we cannot deny that as a whole.

But on the other hand, it is possible to give the examples that can be data to rethink that problem.

1) "#genesisters" at Genesis Cinema (London)

This is the continuous event of Riot Grrrl which began in 2015.
- #genesisters a riot grrrl night - Laura Maw
- #genesisters presents film screenings - Laura Maw
- #genesisters takeover East End Film Festival - Laura Maw

As far as I surveyed the flyers, this event seems to succeed to the 'problem' mentioned above.

However, I really participated in this event (#genesisters vol.2, 30 January 2016) and noticed the following things.

A WOC (Women of Color) zinester had a stall and sold her zine regarding 'queer black people'.

And another zinester sold her zine 'on feminism, mental health and abuse from our queer, working-class perspective'.

Therefore, we can confirm that zinesters who have an awareness of the issues of race, class, and marginalised people exist in the present scene of Riot Grrrl in London.

2) "Blk Grrrl Book Fair 2016"

* May 28th-29th 2016 at CIELO galleries/studios (Los Angeles)
- BLK GRRRL BOOK FAIR _ Crushing misogynoir and capitalism
- Blk Grrrl Book Fair 2016 [facebook]
'The Blk Grrrl Book Fair is a free radical feminist book fair that actively beats down anti-blackness, colorism, patriarchy, classism, nationalism, ablelism and oppression in the literary and art worlds.'
This is the 'book fair' but 'DIY Zine Making' workshop is included in the program.

We can find the notable combination of 'black'+'grrrl' here.

And it is probably possible to regard this case as the 'critical'-'succession' to the Riot Grrrl culture by POC-zinesters/independent publishers at the present time.

We need to discover such examples more and inspect those.

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cf. https://sites.google.com/site/feministzines2016kobe/

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