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■Current Status:

◆Professor, Ritsumeikan University
◆Professor Eminent, Kyoto University

■Research Themes

Theory and methodology of life-span developmental psychology Multi cultural studies in visual narrative "Image Map of Life"

■Research Fields

Life-span developmental psychology, Narrative psychology


narrative, life cycle, image, qualitative study, culture


My main research interest is to construct new models of life-span developmental psychology based on various Japanese fork images and narratives, compared with Western ones.

■Major Academic Achievements

[In Japanese]
◆YAMADA Yoko, ASAO Takeshi, SATO Tatsuya, NOUCHI Masahiro, AKITA Kiyomi, YAMORI Katsuya et al. (Eds.) September 5, 2013 Handbook of Qualitative Psychology, Shinyosha, 583p. ISBN-10:4788513544 ISBN-13:978-4788513549 4,800yen + tax [amazon][kinokuniya]

『Handbook of Qualitative Psychology』

[In English]
◆Yamada, Y. (2007.) Opposite and coexistent dialogues: Repeated voices and the side-by-side position of self and other. In Sugiman, T., Gergen, K.J., Wagner, W., & Yamada, Y. (Eds.) (2007.) Meaning in action: Constructions, narratives, and representations. Tokyo: Scringer-Verlag. 223-239.

◆Yamada, Y. & Kato, Y. (2006) Directionality of development and Ryoko Model.: Reply to four comments. Culture & Psychology, 12, 2, 260-272.

◆Yamada, Y. & Kato, Y. (2006) Images of circular time and spiral repetition: The generative life cycle model. Culture & Psychology, 12, 2, 143-160.

◆Yamada, Y., & Kato, Y. (2004). Japanese students' depictions of the soul after death: Towards a psychological model of cultural representations. In S. Formanek, & W. Lafleur (Eds.), Practicing the after life: Perspectives from Japan (pp.417-438). Verlag der Osterreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

◆Yamada, Y. (2004). The generative life cycle model: Integration of Japanese folk images and generativity. de St. Aubin, E., McAdams, D.P., & Kim, T. C.(Eds.),The generative society: Caring for future generations (pp.97-112). American Psychological Association.


◆The Japanese Association of Qualitative Psychology
◆The Japan Society of Developmental Psychology
◆The Japanese Psychological Association
◆The Japanese Association of Educational Psychology

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