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■Areas of Interest

◆Social Work of People with Mental Disorders
◆Teaching Methods as Clinical Psychologists/Assistant Professionals

■Academic Achievements

◆March 25, 2011 "Social Work Profession Education with the Participation of Mentally Disabled People: Qualitative Analysis with Users of Mental Treatment on Interviews in the Treatment," Ars Vivendi Vol.3:210-239

◆December 20, 2009 Politics in Clinical Settings: Micro and Macro Tools for Mental Disabilities, Seikatsu Shoin,263p. ISBN-10: 4903690482 ISBN-13: 978-4903690483 3675yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

『Politics in Clinical Settings: Micro and Macro Tools for Mental Disorders』

◆March 1, 2008 "Dynamics of Organizations over Mental Disorder: Case Study of National Federation of Families with Mentally Ill in Japan"
Gendai Shiso 36-3(2008-3):138-155
◆March 31, 2007 "Psychiatric Debate over Electric Shock Treatment"
Core Ethics 3:375-390 [Abstract]

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