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■윤삼호(YOON Sam-Ho)
・1991.02 경북대학교 경영대학 졸업
・2009.03 성공회대학대학원 사회학 재학

・2004 (전)대구DPI정책부장
・2007 (전)한국DPI정책 팀장
・2009 (현)한국장애인인권포럼 장애인정책모니터링 부소장

  ◆2006 장애화 정치(The Politics of Disablement)、 written by Mike Oliver
  ◆2006 장애학:과거、현재、미래(Disability Studies: Past, Present and Future)、 edited by Len BartonAnd    Mike Oliver
  ◆2007 장애학개론(An Instruction of Disability Studies)、 written by David Johnstone
  ◆2008 배제로부터 평등에(From Exclusion to Equality: Realizing the rights of persons with disabilities)、edited by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs(UN -DESA), Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR), Inter-Parliamentary Union(IPU)
  ◆곧 출간 동정은 싫다(No Pity)、written by Joseph. p. Shapiro

  ◆반정신의학(Anti-psychiatry), 반시설화(Anti-Institutionalization)
  ◆장애인의 주거시설과 정신병도생존자들의 생애사적 접근、장애운동참여자의 구술사
  ◆M. Foucault、E. Laclau/C. Mouffe、T. Szasz、P. Ricoeur、G. H. Mead、P. Bourdieuなど

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*作成:鄭 喜慶
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