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■Current Position:

◆Professor, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University(2003-)
◆Vice Chancellor, The Ritsumeikan Trust (2012-)
◆Vice President, Ritsumeikan University (2012-)

■Areas of Interest



◆Ph.D. 2003 Ritsumeikan University
◆D.E.A. 1976 Universite de Paris VII, l'Ethnologie et la Science des Religions
◆M.A. 1974 University of Tokyo, in Sociology

■Academic Achievements

SATO-ROSSBERG Nana & WATANABE Kozo (Eds.) December 20, 2010 Translation Studies in the Japanese Context, Report Issued by Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.15, 199p. ISSN 1882-6539※

◆November 13, 2009 Levi-Strauss who Fights, Heibonsha, 302p. ISBN-10: 4582854982 ISBN-13: 978-4582854985 840yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

『Levi-Strauss who Fights』

◆July 14, 2009 Eyes of Western Europe (Body, History and Anthropology II), Gensosha, 454p. ISBN-10: 4862090303 ISBN-13: 978-4862090300 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]


◆July 14, 2009 Body of Africa (Body, History and Anthropology I), Gensosha, 411p. ISBN-10: 486209029X ISBN-13: 978-4862090294 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]


◆2006 Towards the Forest of Levi-Strauss's "Mythologiques", Misuzu Shobo, (in Japanese, co-edition with KIMURA Hideo)

◆2004 Encyclopedia of Basic Books in Cultural Anthropology, Kobundo, (in Japanese, co-edition with TANI Yutaka et al.)

◆2003 Levi-Strauss: Structure, Kodansha, 342p. ISBN-10: 4062743523 ISBN-13: 978-4062743525 1575yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

◆2003 The Birth of Judicial Identity-Registration and Identification in the Civil Society, Tokyo, Gensosha (in Japanese)

◆2000 African Design: Applique and Rafia Velvet of the Kuba Kingdom in Central Africa, Tokyo, Ribunshuppan (in Japanese, co-authored with FUKUDA Akio)

◆1999 International Order and the National Culture at the Turn of the Century, Tokyo, Kashiwa-Shobo, (in Japanese, co-edition with NISHIKAWA Nagao)

◆1998 Multicultural Societies and Nation States in Asia, Kyoto Jinbunshoin, (in Japanese, co-edition with NISHIKAWA Nagao, YAMAGUCHI Kouji)

◆1997 Present State of the Multilingualism and Multiculturalism; Canada, Australia and Japan, Kyoto Jinbunshoin (in Japanese, co-edition with NISHIKAWA Nagao, McCormack Gaban)

◆1996 Levi-Strauss, the Structure; Explorers of Contemporary Thoughts, Tokyo, Kodansha, (in Japanese)


Recent Articles in Japanese(1990-2008)
(Titles are English translations of the original Japanese titles)
◆2008 "Levi-Staruss" in History of Philosophy 12, Tokyo, Chuo-Koron Shinsha

◆2004 "Societe d'anthropoloie de Paris: the Question of Man at the Transition from the Second Empire to the First Republic", in History of Assosiations, France, (ed. by HUKUI Norihiko), Tokyo, Yamakawa Shuppan

◆2003 "Problematics of Historical Anthropology" in Frontiers of Cultural Anthropology (ed. by AYABE Tuneo), Kyoto, Minerva Shobo

◆2000 "Reality and Surreality in Anthropological Thinking of Marcel Mauss" in Dissecting the Culture by Imagination-Surrealism and Anthropological Thinking (ed. by Suzuki Masao & Mazima Ichiro), Kyoto, Jinbunshoin

◆2000 "From Anthropology to Technology of Government" in Journal of Japanese Association of Ethnology, vol.64 no.4, Tokyo, Japanese Association of Ethnology

◆2000 "New Era of Personal Identification" in The Ritsumeikan Journal of International Studies, vol.12 no.3, Kyoto, Ritsumeikan University

◆1999 "Image of Others: Based on My Research Experience in Africa", The Journal of Group Therapy, vol.15, no.2, Tokyo, Association of Group Therapy

◆1998 "The End of Mobutu's Dictatorship and the Formation of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Did They Really Have a Plan of Nation Building?", in The Nation Building of the African Nation States (ed. by HAYASI Koji), Tokyo, Report published by the Institute for Research of the International Affairs

◆1997 "Race: Body as Set of Differences" in The Logic of Ethnogenesis, New Perspectives in Anthropology vol.5, (ed. by UCHIBORI Motomitsu), Tokyo, Iwanami-Shoten

◆1997 "The Empire and the Race-Anthropological Knowledge in the Colonial Context" in The Sociology of Discrimination (ed. by KURIHARA Akira), vol.3, Tokyo, Kobundo

◆1996 "Fingerprints and the State: Interface between the Administration and the Discrimination" in, id., vol.2, Tokyo, Kobundo

◆1995 "Register, Passport and Identification Card: The Project of Internal Passport by KAWAJI Toshiyoshi" in The Formation of Nation State in the End of Edo Period and Meiji Era (ed. by NISHIKAWA Nagao & MATSUMIYA Shuji), Tokyo, Shinyosha

◆1900 "Forests and Dishes: How Do Healers Become Healers? (Kuba Empire)", pp.2-35 in NAMIHARA Emiko (Ed) May 31, 1990 Culture of Disease: Frontier of Medical Anthropology (Japanese), Kaimeisha, 342p. ISBN-10: 4875251327 ISBN-13: 978-4875251323 2884yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

Articles in Japanese with English Abstracts
◆WATANABE Kozo & KATAOKA Minoru March 2008 ""Formation of Researchers on the Basis of Research Projects", a Program of the Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Sponsored by Initiatives for Attractive Education in Graduate Schools in Fiscal 2005 and 2006: Results and Challenges" Ritsumeikan Higher Educational Studies 8:37-54 [abstract]

◆February 2006 "Examination of the Field that American Anthropology Came about: Memorandum to Morgan and Indian "Land Claim""
Ritsumeikan Studies in Language and Culture 17(3):115-130 [abstract]

Articles in French(1981-2002)
◆2002 "Interroger le Sphynx: Genese et Structure de la modernite identitaire", in La modernite apres postemoderne, Paris, ed. Larose, (ed. par H. Mechonic, M.Watanabe)

◆1998 "La logique de narratif dans le proces d'accusation de la sorcellerie a partir d'un cas africain" in Ritsumeikan Studies in Languages and Cultures vol.9, no.5/6(double num.), Kyoto, Ritsumeikan University

◆1997 "Interroger le Sphynx: Genese et Structure de la modernite identitaire" in, id.vol.8

◆1992 "La royaute et la chefferie: un essai de comparaison au sein d'un royaume (Kuba, Zaire)" Africa 4, Senri Ethnological Studies 31. Osaka, National Museum of Ethnology

◆1981 Civilisation du fer et l'epopee orale du Mvett chez les Bulu du Cameroun (avec Prof. Eno-Belinga of Univ. de Yaounde) Universite de Yaounde, roneo.

◆1981 Some articles in Rites et fetes des 4 saisons au Japon (colab. Ed. par Laurence Caillet), Paris, POF

Translations from French
◆2007 Origine de la maniere de table, Mythologiques ***, par Levi-Strauss, ed. Misuzu, (co-traduction)

◆2006 L'Anthropologie et le monde contemporain (conferences faites par Levi-Strauss au Japon), (co-traduction avec KAWADA Junzo), ed. Heibonsha

◆2001 Homo Hierarchicus-le systeme de castes et ses implications, par Louis Dumont, ed. Misuzu, (co-traduction with TANAKA Masakazu)

◆2000 Le pouvoir sur scene, par Georges Balandier, ed. Chikuma, collection de Poche

◆1992 Essais sur l'individualisme, par Louis Dumont, ed. Gensosha,(co-traduction with ASANO Kazuhusa)

◆1990 La potiere jalouse, par Cl. Levi-Strauss, ed. Misuzu (Revised edition was published in 1998)

◆1988 Le pouvoir sur scene, par Georges Balandier, ed. Heibonsha

◆1987 La societe contre l'etat, par Pierre Clastres, ed. Suiseisha

◆1978 Introduction a deux theories d'anthropologie sociale, par Louis Dumont, ed. Kobundo

◆January 1, 2007 "Book Review: MAENO Yoshihiko System of Language Sign and the Subject"
Tosho Shinbun 2007-1-1

Professional Activities
-Invited Speakers
◆2008 Hero and Victims in Globalisation (French), at Bergamo University [resume] (French)

◆2005 International conference: Ethics, Economics and Law: "Against Injustice" (with A. Sen, M. Nussbaum, Ph. Petit, M.Henaff, P. Pataneik, D. Estrund, co-organisor: GOTOH Reiko)

◆2003 Frederic Wiseman's Documentary Project: Film Festival of Wiseman's Works, Anniversary of the Establishment of Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences

◆2003 Publicness Towards the 21st Century: Realizing Sen in Theory and Practice: International Symposium in Ritsumeikan University, Anniversary of the Establishment of Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences

◆1997 Symposium: "From Technology of Government to the Anthropological Knowledge; Anthropology at the Turn of Century", Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association of Ethnology
-Chair Person of Executive Committee

◆1998 International Symposium:"21st Century World and Multiculturalism /Multi-lingualism; Perspectives from Peripheries", Internatinal Institute in Language and Cuture Studies, Ritsumeikan University (three days Symposium with three guest speakers:Tholin T. Minha, Miliam Silverberg, and Gian Prakash)

◆1997 Symposium: "History as Arena:Cultural Encouter of the Oral and the Written",with Professor Natalie Zemon Davis, College of Letters, Ritsumeikan University

◆I participated in many other conferences as a speaker.

-Workshops and so on
◆April 11, 2007 "Commentary: Video "Les Hopitaux Meurent Aussi""
#403 Shoshikan Building, Ritsumeikan University

◆March 29, 2007 Interroger le Sphinx:l'invention de l'identité judiciaire et son introduction au Japon, Seminaire au EHESS

◆February 19, 2007 "L'invention de l'identitéjudiciaire et son introduction au Japon
Un autre regard sur l'histoire moderne et contemporaine Paris 7 Denis Diderot

■E-mail Magazines

Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.52 (June 30, 2011)

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