Titmuss, Richard


■Titmuss 1970?



◆Titmuss, Richard 1970 The Gift Relationship : From Human Blood to Social Policy, Allen and Unwin, 1972: Vintage Books


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◆立岩 真也 1997/09/05 『私的所有論』,勁草書房,445+66p. ISBN-10: 4326601175 ISBN-13: 978-4326601172 6300 [amazon][kinokuniya] ※


 This has not been accepted without argument. Titmuss [1972], for example, cites donation without compensation as being a more effective method of gathering blood. This is discussed in Rothman [1986:9-10], where it is asserted that support of commoditization by social policy inhibits the right to behave altruistically and donate without compensation. It may indeed be the case that regarding an action like giving blood where the burden to be born is relatively small doing something for others is a stronger motivation than receiving compensation, or that there are more people motivated to act by the former than by the latter. Perhaps the same can be said when it comes to bone marrow transfusions. But what about giving birth? In cases in which the burden involved is large and must be born over a long period of time compensation may indeed be a more effective means of motivation.
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