Kiyohito Takenaka

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*Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

[Academic Achievements]
*October 20, 2008 "The Force Creating Maiko and Geigi in Kyoto: The Change in Koto's Hanamachi" Ajisaka, Manabu & Komatu, Hideo (eds.) Sociology of Kyoto Community pp.121-139, Sekai Shisousha ISBN-10: 4790713660 ISBN-13: 978-4790713661 [amazon]

*November 17, 2007 "Power that Creates Maiko in Kyoto: Changes of Hanamachi/Brothel Images" The 80th Annual Convention of the Japan Sociological Society, Kanto Gakuin University For Details (http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/acd/gr/gsce/g/tk04.htm) (Japanese)

*March 31, 2007 "Authenticity of Kagai and a Strategy of Differentiation" Core Ethics 3:249-259 [Abstract]

*March 31, 2006 "Hanamachi as Historic Environment and Town Development" Core Ethics 2:153-164 [Abstract]

*October 23, 2005 "Conflict Structure on Community Building: Case Study of Kyoto Kamihichiken" The 78th Meeting of Japan Sociological Society

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