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■Current Status:

◆Research Fellow (Post Doctoral), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

■Research Theme

Business Ethics

■Academic Achievements

◆December 20, 2008 "Trust and Ethics: On Argument of Social Responsibility of Companies"
Study Group on Business Information Ethics at Meiji University, Meiji University

◆October 3-5, 2008 "Ethics of Public and Individual: An Essay on Publicness of Private Companies" (Full Text in Japanese), (Abstract in Japanese), The 59 Meeting of Japanese Society for Ethics (Japanese), Tsukuba University

◆April 25, 2008 "The Dynamics of Honorific titles: On the Concept of "Stakes" Discussing Corporate Scocial Responsibelity"
Business Ethics 52, 22-31

◆March 2008 "Another Way of Working: Asking the Manner of "Work""
Volo, 433 (Issue of March 2008), Osaka Voluntter Association, 42

◆March 2008 "Shifting the Responsibility through the Agency Relationship: Essay on the Limited Liability for Stockholders"
Journal of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study, 15:191-202

Tateiwa, Shinya & Takada, Kazuki January 15, 2008 "Code of Ethics" (Japanese)
KATO Hisatake et al. (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics (Japanese), pp.652-653, Maruzen

◆October 27, 2007 "On Responsibility of Limited Liability," The 15th Convention of Research Presentation, Japan Society for Business Ethics Study, Keio University

◆October 13, 2007 "An Ethical Field in Corporate Social Responsibility,"
The 58th Annual Convention of the Japanese Society for Ethics, Niigata University
http://www.geocities.jp/li025960/index.html (Japanese)

◆September 15, 2007 "A Study on Attribution as Limited Liability," Japan Society for Business Ethics Study, Business Ethics Education Study Group, Tohoku University

◆March 2007 "The Theory of Corporate Social Responsibility: Engaging Milton Friedman"
Journal of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study 14, Japan Society for Business Ethics Study, 155-65 pp.

◆March 31, 2007 "Corporate Sponsorship of Social Causes: The Case of Pink Ribbon Campaigns"
Core Ethics 3:239-247 [abstract]

◆October 27, 2006 "Logic of Attribution: Distribution of Liability and Its Basis for Limited Companies," The 14th Meeting of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study

◆September 27, 2006 "The Way Profit-Oriented Organization Can Do Non-Profit Activity; Pink Ribbon Movement and CRM," The 5th Meeting of Business Ethics Study Group

◆July 28, 2006 "Pursuit of Profit and Non-Profit: Development and Perspective of Cause Related Marketing," Japan Society for Business Ethics Study Kansai Section

◆March 31, 2006 "A Discussion of the Corporate Pursuit of Two Interests in the Way of Cause Related Marketing (CRM): With Reference to Cases of Business Related to Corporate Profitability for the Cause of the Reduction of Fatalities from Breast Cancer," Core Ethics 2:141-152 [abstract]

◆March 31, 2005 "Trends in the Study of Socially Responsible Investment" Core Ethics 1:95-103 [abstract]

◆November 20, 2004 "Social Responsibility Investment and Social Responsibility of Corporations" The 12th Meeting of (Japan Society for Business Ethics Study

◆"Review of Corporate Ownership Theory," The Trend and Problems of Japanese Style of Management (Bulletin of Business Administration) 76: 121-2 Chikura Shobo

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