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■Current Status:

Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Research Theme

Developmental Psychology/Sociology

■Academic Achievements

◆KOBAYASHi Muneyuki & TANIMURA Hitomi (Eds.) February 20, 2013 Questioning Aging in Postwar Japan, Report Issued by Research Center for Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.19, 153p. ISSN 1882-6539※

◆YASUDA Yuko, TANIMURA Hitomi et.al. August 26, 2009 "Enlargement of the Possibility of Qualitative Research through TEM: What Kind of Horizon can Be Open by TEM?" Workshop at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Psychological Association, Ritsumeikan University

◆March 2009 "Aging of Parents Viewed from Middle-age Period of Life: Focusing on Scenes of Swing of the Image of Parents and Realization of their Aging," Master's Thesis, Graduate School of Science for Human Services, Ritsumeikan University in Academic Year 2008

◆TANIMURA Hitomi, SATO Tatsuya & TSUCHIDA Noriaki August 29, 2008 "Gender Role Consciousness of the Parents which Let Daughters Aim at“The Normal Marriage”─From the Talk of the Women who Married in 1980's─," Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 17:61-74

◆September 30, 2007 "Relationship between the Existence of Independent Subject and the Self's Feeling of Rooms: Using TEM," Individual Research Presentation, The 4th Annual Meeting for Japan Society for Qualitative Psychology, Nara Women's University

■Study Groups Relating to Ars Vivendi

◆Project Member, Study Group on Aging(Academic Year 2010 to 2011)
◆Project Leader, Study Group on Qualitative Research Drawing Various "Lives"(Academic Year 2011)
◆Project Member, Study Group on Qualitative Research Drawing Various "Lives"(Academic Year 2010)

■Academic Societies

◆Japan Society for Qualitative Psychology
◆Japan Society of Developmental Psychology http://www.jsdp.jp/index-e.html
◆Japanese Society of Behavioral Sciences for the Elderly

■Other Societies

◆TEM(Trajectory Equifinality Model)

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