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Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2011 Modern History of Disability Movement in Kansai Area: Focusing on Osaka Aoi Shiba no Kai, Seikatsu Shoin, 344p. ISBN-10: 4903690741 ISBN-13: 9784903690742 3000 [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆March 31, 2009 "Independent Living for People with Disabilities in Berkeley, California"
Core Ethics 5:453-462 [Abstract]

◆March 31, 2008 "The Role of Care-Givers in the Disabled People's Movement: A Study of Group Gorilla in the Osaka Green Grass Association"
Core Ethics 4:119-130 [Abstract]

◆September 23, 2007 "A Consideration of Independent Life of People with Severe Disabilities: Through Cases of Movements of Independent Life of People with Disabilities at the Center for Emancipation of People with Disabilities in Central Osaka" (Japanese)
The 55th Annual Convention of Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare, Osaka City University

◆March 31, 2007 "Independent Living Movement for Disabled People in Osaka: Focusing on the Osaka Green Grass Association in the 1970s" Core Ethics 3:183-196 [Abstract]

◆March 31, 2006 "The Origin of Independent Living Movement for Disabled People in Osaka and Hyogo"
Core Ethics 2:129-140 [Abstract]

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