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■Academic Background

◆1959: Ph.D. in Economics, Trinity College, Cambridge.
◆1955: B.A. in Economics, Trinity College, Cambridge.
◆1953: B.A. in Physics, Presidency College, Calcutta.

■Professional Background

◆2003-present: Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, (Senior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows).
◆1998-2003: Master, Trinity College, Cambridge.
◆1987-1998: Thomas W. Lamont University Professor and Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University, (Senior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows, 1989-98).
◆1980-1988: Drummond Professor of Political Economy, Oxford University, and Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford.
◆1977-1980: Professor of Economics, Oxford University, and Fellow of Nuffield College.
◆1971-1977: Professor of Economics, London School of Economics, University of London.
◆1963-1971: Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi.
◆1957-1963: Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
◆1956-1958: Professor of Economics, Jadavpur University, Calcutta.

■Academic Achievements

■Main Edited Books
◆Arrow, K.J.; Sen, A.K.; Suzumura, K. [eds.], (2002), Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare, North-Holland, ISBN: 0444829148 [amazon] = 2006, 鈴村興太郎監訳『社会的選択と厚生経済学ハンドブック』, 丸善, ¥23100, ISBN: 4621075284 [amazon]
◆Dreze, J.; Sen, A.K. [eds.], (1999), The Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze Omnibus: Comprising Poverty and Famines, Hunger and Public Action, and India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195648315 [amazon]
◆Dreze, J.; Sen, A.K. [eds.], (1997), Indian Development: Selected Regional Perspectives, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 019829204X [amazon]
◆Nussbaum, M.C.; Sen, A.K. [eds.], (1993), The Quality of Life Clarendon Press, ISBN: 0198283954 [amazon] ※ = 200603 水谷めぐみ抄訳, 『クオリティー・オブ・ライフ――豊かさの本質とは』, 里文出版, 237p., ¥3150, ISBN: 4898062466 [amazon]
◆Dreze, J.; Sen, A.K. [eds.], (1990-1991), The Political Economy of Hunger, Vol.1-3., Clarendon Press, ISBN: 019828635X [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K.; Williams, B. [eds.], (1982), Utilitarianism and Beyond, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521287715 [amazon]

■Main Co-authored Books
◆アマルティア・セン/後藤 玲子 20081219  『福祉と正義』Well-Being and Justice) 東京大学出版会, ix+299p+viii. ISBN-10: 4130101102 ISBN-13: 978-4130101103 ¥2940(税込) [amazon][kinokuniya]
◆Dreze, J.; Sen, A.K. (2002), India: Development and Participation, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0199257493 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. with J.E. Foster (1997), On Economic Inequality, Expanded ed., with a Substantial Annexe by James E. Foster and Amartya Sen., Clarendon Press, ISBN: 0198281935 [amazon], = 20000727 鈴村興太郎・須賀晃一訳, 『不平等の経済学――ジェームズ・フォスター, アマルティア・センによる補論「四半世紀後の『不平等の経済学』」を含む拡大版』, 東洋経済新報社, 298p, ¥3675 ISBN: 4492312803 [amazon]
◆Dreze, J.; Sen, A.K. (1995), India: Economic Development and Social Opportunity, Clarendon Press, ISBN: 0198295286 [amazon]

■Main Single-authored Books
◆Sen, A.K. (2006), (東郷えりか訳) 『人間の安全保障』, 集英社新書, \714, ISBN: 408720328X [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (2006), Identity and Violence: The Illusion of Destiny, W.W. Norton, ISBN: 0393329291 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (2002), (大石りら訳) 『貧困の克服――アジア発展の鍵は何か』, 集英社新書, \672, ISBN: 4087201279 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (2002), Rationality and Freedom, Harvard University Press, ISBN: 0674013514 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1999), Development as Freedom, Alfred A. Knopf, ISBN: 0385720270 [amazon] = 2000 石塚雅彦訳, 『自由と経済開発』, 日本経済新聞社, \2310, ISBN: 4532148294 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1999), Reason before Identity: The Romanes Lecture for 1998, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0199513899 [amazon] = 200303 細見和志訳, 『アイデンティティに先行する理性』,関西学院大学出版会, 95p., \1890, ISBN: 4907654448 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1992), Inequality Reexamined, Clarendon Press, ISBN: 0674452569 [amazon] = 19990715 池本幸生・野上裕・佐藤仁訳, 『不平等の再検討──潜在能力と自由』, 岩波書店, 263+63p., \3150, ISBN: 4000028782 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1987), On Ethics and Economics, Basil Blackwell ISBN: 0631164014 [amazon] = 20020509 徳永澄憲・松本保美・青山治城訳, 『経済学の再生──道徳哲学への回帰』, 麗澤大学出版会, 220p, \2415, ISBN: 4892054488 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1987), The Standard of Living: The Tanner Lectures, Clare Hall, Cambridge, 1985, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0521368405 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1985), Commodities and Capabilities, North-Holland, ISBN: 0195650387 [amazon] = 19880122 鈴村興太郎訳, 『福祉の経済学──財と潜在能力』, 岩波書店, xiv+145+31p, \2310, ISBN: 4000020048 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1984), Resources, Values and Development, Basil Blackwell, ISBN: 0674765265 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1982), Choice, Welfare and Measurement, Basil Blackwell, ISBN: 0674127781 [amazon] = 19890410 大庭健・川本隆史抄訳, 『合理的な愚か者──経済学=倫理学的探究』, 勁草書房, 309p, \3150, ISBN: 4326152176 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1981), Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation, ISBN: 0194424243 [amazon] = 2000 黒崎卓・山崎幸治訳, 『貧困と飢饉』, 岩波書店, \2940, ISBN: 4000019244 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1973), On Economic Inequality, Oxford University Press, ISBN: 019828182X [amazon] = 19770729 杉山武彦訳, 『不平等の経済理論』, 日本経済新聞社, 169p.
◆Sen, A.K. (1970), Collective Choice and Social Welfare, Holden-Day, xi+225p, ISBN: 0444851275 [amazon] = 20000825 志田基与師監訳, 『集合的選択と社会的厚生』, 勁草書房, 308p, \3150, ISBN: 4326501863 [amazon]
◆Sen, A.K. (1960), Choice of Techniques: An Aspect of the Theory of Planned Economic Development, Basil Blackwell, ISBN: 0631108300 [amazon]

■Main Papers
◆Sen, A.K. (2008), “Violence, Identity and Poverty,” Journal of Peace Research, 45: 5-15.
◆Sen, A.K. (2006), “What Do We Want from a Theory of Justice?,” Journal of Philosophy, 103: 215-238.
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