Simon Prideaux



■Current Status:
◆Associate Professor of Social Policy, Sociology, Disability Studies and Crime, University of Leeds

◆Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds

■Areas of Interest:
◆Direct Payment
(From the Website of the University of Leeds)
My current research focuses on how direct payments alter policy perceptions of disabled people. In particular, my research looks at the way disabled people use these payments to employ personal assistants.

Effectively, my research examines how direct payments have transformed disabled people from passive recipients of welfare into active employers.

■Academic Achievements
◆Prideaux, S.J. 2005 Not So New Labour: A Sociological Critique of New Labour's Policy and Practice Policy Press. ISBN-10: 1861344597 ISBN-13: 978-1861344595 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

Journal Articles
◆Prideaux SJ; Roulstone A; Harris J; Barnes C 2009 “Disabled People and Self Directed Support Schemes: Re-Conceptualising Work and Welfare in the 21st Century”, Disability & Society Special Edition 24.5: 557-569.

◆Prideaux S 2009“The Welfare Politics of Charles Murray Are Alive and Well in the UK”, International Journal of Social Welfare 19: 293-302.

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◆Roulstone A; Prideaux S 2008 “More Policies, Greater Inclusion? Exploring the Contradictions of New Labour Inclusive Education Policy”, International Studies in Sociology of Education 18.1: 15-29.

◆Prideaux SJ 2005 “John Macmurray and the 'Forgotten' Lessons of Capitalism and the Community”, The Political Quarterly 76.4: 540-549.

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◆Prideaux S; Armer B; Harris J; Hemingway L; Roulstone A; Priestley M 2008 "Report on the Social Inclusion and Social Protection of Disabled People in European Countries", United Kingdom.

◆Roulstone A; Prideaux S; Priestley M 2008 "Report on the Employment of Disabled People in European countries" United Kingdom.

◆Prideaux SJ 2006 "Good Practice for Providing Reasonable Access to the Physical Built Environment for Disabled People", Leeds: Disability Press.

■Collaboration with the Research Center for Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University
◆November 6, 2014 Workshop with Dr. Simon Prideaux

◆July 14, 2009 Points on Direct Payment: Asking Dr. Simon Prideaux

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