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Simon Prideaux is Associate Professor of Social Policy, Sociology, Disability Studies and Crime at the University of Leeds. Simon has written extensively on policy issues and policy change, and has current critical interests in the impact of neo-liberalist policies on disabled people.


◆Dr Simon Prideaux: Associate Professor of Social Policy, Sociology, Disability Studies and Crime
=リーズ大学社会学・社会政策学科(Sociology and Social Policy)准教授/障害学研究センター(Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) )

◇リーズ大学の障害学(日本語) http://www.leeds.jp/disabilitystudies.html
◇リーズ大学(日本語) http://www.leeds.jp/index.html


◆2014/11/06 「Workshop with Dr. Simon Prideaux」 於:立命館大学衣笠キャンパス創思館416
◆2009/07/14 「ダイレクト・ペイメント、その論点――Simon Prideaux氏と話す」 於:立命館大学衣笠キャンパス創思館416


障害者運動/学於日本・4――ダイレクト・ペイメント(立岩真也 2010/08/19)
Disability Movement / Studies in Japan 4: Notes on Direct Payments(Shinya Tateiwa / August 19, 2010)


□ 本 □

◆Roulstone, Alan and Simon Prideaux (2012) Understanding Disability Policy (Understanding Welfare: Social Issues, Policy and Practice), Bristol: Policy Press, 228p. ISBN-10: 1847427383 ISBN-13: 978-1847427380 [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆Prideaux, S.J. (2005) Not So New Labour: A sociological critique of New Labour's policy and practice, Bristol: Policy Press, 170p. ISBN-10: 1861344597 ISBN-13: 978-1861344595 [amazon][kinokuniya] (20090610注文→着)

cf. ◇Policy Press http://www.policypress.co.uk/

□ 論文等 □

◆Prideaux, S.J. (2005) "John Macmurray and the 'Forgotten' Lessons of Capitalism and the Community," The Political Quarterly 76(4): 540-549.

◆Prideaux, S.J. (2002) "From Organisational Theory to the New Communitarianism of Amitai Etzioni," Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie 27(1): 69-81.

◆Prideaux, S.J. (2001) "New Labour, Old Functionalism: The Underlying Contradictions of Welfare Reform in the US and the UK," Social Policy and Administration 35(1): 85-115

□ 報告書 □

◆Prideaux, S.J. (2006) Good Practice for Providing Reasonable Access to the Physical Built Environment for Disabled People, Disability Press, University of Leeds.

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