OMURA Yoichi

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■Current Status:

Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2010 "Modernization of Japanese Civil Engineering Construction Industry and Korean Laborers," Core Ethics 6:529-539 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆March 31, 2009 "Korean Laborers in the Construction of the Kyonbu Railroad," Core Ethics 5: 11-23 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆March 31, 2006 "City Strategy of Minority within Women: Resources of The Kyoto Geisha Community"
Core Ethics 2:31-43 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆October 2005 "Diaspora of Manchuria Repatriat Cartoonists: Housing Problems of Those who Became the Japanese and Those who did not," Ankyo-Rakugyo

◆May 2005 "Unlawful Occupation and Utoro Problem: Why Utoro Issue was not Considered as a Housing Problem," Study on Housing for Life and Well-Being, Academy of Housing for Life and Well-Being 3: 94-97

◆2005 Michael Hechter "Internal Colonialism" (Routledge & Kegan Paul) Translated with Takamune Takaaki

◆May 2005 "Utoro Problem and Politics over Human Rights: Case of Security Control on Residential Area of 'Koreans'," The 57th Meeting of Kansai Sociological Association, Osaka City University

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