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■Current Status:

Professor, Graduate School of Sociology, Ritsumeikan University

■Areas of Interest

Bioethics / Death with Dignity

*Received Ph.D through Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences at Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆TAMAI Mariko & OTANI Izumi (Eds.) March 5, 2011 Introductory Bioethics 235p. ISBN-10: 4641124205 ISBN-13: 978-4641124202 1995 [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆November 2010 "'Good Manner of Dying' as a Normative Concept: 'Autocide,' 'Granny Dumping' and Discussions on Euthanasia/Death with Dignity in Japan," International Journal of Japanese Sociology 19(1): 49-63 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1475-6781.2010.01136.x/full

◆April 9, 2010 "Do not Commend the Self-Sacrificial Death: The Paradox in "Death and Life Education"
Kyoto Shimbun Morning Edition:6

◆March 4, 2010 "Roots of Thoughts of 'Euthanasia'," pp.207-233 KOMATSU Yoshihiko & KAGAWA Chiaki (Eds.) Toward Construction of Meta-bioethics: Redefining Bioethics,NTT Publishing, ISBN-10: 4757160496 ISBN-13: 978-4757160491 3360 yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆August 2, 2009 "Comment on Revison of Organ Transplantation Law on July 13: Considering Present Japanese Situation" Contributing to this website

TATEIWA Shin'ya, OTANI Izumi, AMADA Josuke, KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki & HOTTA Yoshitaro February 25, 2009 "Critical Point of Ars Vivendi (1)" (Round Table Discussion) Ars Vivendi 1 :6-22

◆OTANI Izumi, AMADA Josuke, TATEIWA Shin'ya, KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki & HOTTA Yoshitaro February 25, 2009 "Critical Point of Ars Vivendi (2)" (Round Table Discussion) Ars Vivendi 1 :112-130

AMADA Josuke, TATEIWA Shin'ya, OTANI Izumi, KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki & HOTTA Yoshitaro February 25, 2009 "Critical Point of Ars Vivendi (3)" (Round Table Discussion) Ars Vivendi 1 :236-264

◆May 21, 2008 "Biopolitics and Dicourse on Death and Dying"
SHIMAZONO Susumu & TAKEUCHI Seiichi (Eds.) May 21, 2008 Death and Life Studies No.1: What Is Death and Life Studies? (Japanese), University of Tokyo Press, 257p. ISBN: 413014121X ISBN-13: 978-4130141215 2940yen [amazon][kinokuniya]

◆April 10, 2008 "Not Only Rights to Live and Rights to Die (Tentative)"
UENO Chizuko, OKUMA Yukiko, OSAWA Mari, JINNOi Naohiko & SOEDA Yoshiya (Eds.) Thoughts of Care (Japanese), Iwanami Shoten, Care: its Thoughts and Practice No.1

◆February 15, 2008 "Fall of Medical Care and Medical Ethics: For Life of Gap"
Training Session for Administrative Staff of Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital, Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital

◆February 2, 2008 Report "From Euthanasia to Death with Dignity?: Rereading Theories of Euthanasia and Death with Dignity"
The Second Kyoto Seminar Held by Study Group on Incurable Disease and Ethics Campus Plaza Kyoto

◆February 1, 2008 "Long Way before Euthanasia and Death with Dignity"
Gendai Shiso 36-2(2008-2):174-183

◆January 12, 2008 Report "Rebuilding "Questions": Over "Self-determination of Life and Death""
The 9th Training Course for Welfare Education, Ichigaya Campus at Hosei University
http://devita-etmorte.com/archives/oi080112.htm (Japanese)

◆September 22, 2007 "Relationship between Birth of Statement of "Death with Dignity" and Christianity: Memorandum for a Tentative Assumption"
Regular Meeting of Study Group on Bioethics of Kyoto NCC, Kyoto NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions

◆July 21, 2007 "Generation of Thoughts of "Death with Dignity" and "Education of Life""
The 28th SGRA Forum in Karuizawa "Dignity of Life and Role of Religions", Karuizawa Training Cnter of Kashima Kensetsu
Abstract Sent:http://devita-etmorte.com/archives/oi070401.html (Japanese)
http://www.aisf.or.jp/sgra/publicnews.shtml#newsitem1173162718,84437, (Japanese)

◆June 23, 2007 ""Live Well" and "Die Well":Between Research on "Death with Dignity" and "Education of Life""
The 12th Annual Convention of Japan Society for Palliative Medicine, Symposium 2 "Ethics and the Law Supporting Palliative Medicine", Okayama Convention Center
Abstract Sent: http://devita-etmorte.com/archives/oi070301.html (Japanese)

◆April 14, 2007 ""Between" "Good Death" and "Good Living": Over Statement of "Death with Dignity""
Construction of "Ars Vivendi", Saturday Lecture, Ritsumeikan University

◆February 24, 2007 ""Between" "Good Death" and "Good Living": From Discussions of Euthanasia and Death with Dignity"
Lecture at Regular Meeting for Considering Life and Death, Yamato Hoken Fukushi Center

◆January 31, 2007 "Education on Bioethcis III. Education in Secondary Education and Post-secondary Education", "Education on BioethicsIV. Other Professionals on Healthcare"
Seimei Rinri Hyakka Jiten Honyaku Kanko Iinkai (Ed.), Editorial Cooperation by Nihon Seimei Rinri Gakkai Seimei Rinri Hyakka Jiten, Maruzen, 1939-1941pp. (Original One: Leder, D. "Bioethics Education III.Secondary and Postsecondary Education", Purtilo, R.B. "Bioethics Education IV. Other Health Professions" Stephen G. Post (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Bioethics 3rd editon, 2003, Macmillan Reference USA)

◆March 24, 2006 "The Birth of the Discourses on "Death with Dignity"", (The Doctoral Dissertation) [abstract]

◆January 5, 2006 "The Choice of Death as "Civil Liberty": Michio Matsuda's Concept of "Self-Determination of Death"", Shiso, 981(2006-1):101-118

◆August 25, 2005 "The Way of Narration of Life and Death: In Order to Change "Education on Life and Death"", pp.333-362
KAWAMOTO Takashi (Ed) August 25, 2005 Social Ethics of Care: Linking Medical Care, Nursing Care, Care and Education (Japanese), Yuhikaku, 369+5p. ISBN: 4641280975 2100yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

◆March 25, 2005 "On Ohta Tenrei: Eutopia and Distopia of His Thoughts Concerning Euthanasia", Shiseigaku Kenkyu (Journal of Death and Life Studies), 5(Spring 2005 Issue): 99-125 [Abstract]

◆February 25, 2005 "What Is Hidden in "Education of Life": Over Statements of "Death with Dignity""(pp.91-127)/"Cultivating "Questions": From Classes on "Life and Death""(pp.128-155) MATSUBARA Yoko & KOIZUMI Yoshiyuki (Eds.) The Boundary of Life: Life as an Issue (Japanese), Jinbun Shoin, 306p. ISBN: 4409040723 2730yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

◆October 20, 2004 "Teaching About Reproductive Technology in High School Ethics Class, Proceedings of Workshop for Junior Scholars, January 6-8 2004, Rethinking Science and Medicine from the Perspective of Gender in the Post-Human Genome Project Era (OCHANOMIZU UNIVERSITY, The 21st Century COE Program, Frontiers of Gender Studies)", F-GENS Publication Series 2:34-45

◆August 25, 2004 "Politics of Education on Life and Death: Globalization, Post-colonial and Gender", pp.261-269
NITANI Sadao (Ed) Historical Perception and International Understanding in the 21st Century: Proposals from Korea, China and Japan, Akashi Shoten, 410p, ISBN: 4750319570 5250yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

◆December 25, 2003 ""Education on Life" in First School"/"Education on Bioethics in Secondary School"/"Bioethics Education for Future Citizens", pp.398-404
KIMURA Rihito (Chief Editor) Handbook of Bioethics: Crossing Bioethics, Hoken, 462p, ISBN: 487954504X 4200yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

◆September 23-25, 2000 One Attempt of Bioethics Education in Japanese High School, 5th World Congress of Bioethics(IAB),UK, London, Imperial Collage Poster Session

◆September 20, 2000 Teaching about Reproductive Technology in a Japanese High School, The International Conference of Feminist Approaches to Bio-ethics(FAB) Satellite, UK, London, Imperial Collage

◆January 2000 "How to Teach About AIDS in High School Ethics Class: To Think How Society Should be and How Human Being Should Live", Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics, Eubios Ethics Institute, Vol.10(1), pp.13-15

◆May 1997 "Bioethics Education in a High School Ethics Class", Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics, Eubios Ethics Institute, Vol.9(3), pp.78-79

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Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.51 (June 15, 2011)

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