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■Current Position:

◆Emeritus Professor, Ritsumeikan University

■Areas of Interest

International Relations

■Academic Achievements

◆NISHIKAWA Nagao & TAKAHASHI Hidetoshi (eds.) March 30, 2009 Globalization and Colonialism, Jinbun Shoin, 378p. ISBN-10: 4409240811 ISBN-13: 978-4409240816 [amazon]/[kinokuniya]


◆February 18, 2008 "What can be Seen after Fight for Differences and Identity: Using Tagore's Anti-nationalism Theories and Ilyich's Vernacular Values"
Identity and Alterity in Multiculturalism and Social Justice: "Conflicts", "Identity", "Alterity", "Solutions?", Ritsumeikan University

◆NISHIKAWA Nagao, KANG Sangjung & NISHI Masahiko (eds.) June 2000 How We Are To Overcome the 20th Century - Multi-Linguisticism / Multi-Culturalism As a Clue, Heibonsha, 496p. ISBN:4-582-70226-0 3400yen [amazon] (Japanese)


◆NISHIKAWA Nagao & WATANABE Kozo (eds.) February 28, 1999 International Order and the National Culture at the Turn of the Century (Japanese), Tokyo, Kashiwa-Shobo, 532p. ISBN:9784760117147 (4760117148) 6090yen [amazon] (Japanese)


◆NISHIKAWA Nagao, WATANABE Kozo & YAMAGUCHI Koji October 1998 Multicultural Societies and Nation States in Asia, Kyoto Jinbunshoin [amazon]


◆NISHIKAWA Nagao, WATANABE Kozo & MCCORMACK Gavan (eds.) October 20, 1997 Present State of the Multilingualism and Multiculturalism: Canada, Australia and Japan (Japanese), Jinbunshoin, 305p. ISBN:4-409-23026-3 2310yen [amazon]/[bk1] (Japanese)


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