Keisuke Nose

[Japanese] / [Korean]

*Current Status: Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

[Academic Achievements]
*March 31, 2008 "The Lack of Progress in Japanese Education Policy for Foreign Children: A Study of Causes in Area X" Core Ethics 4:251-263 [Abstract]

*Nose, Keisuke & Kii, Sanae November 2007 "Foreign Classes in Takatsuki, Japan and Newcomers in Matsumoto" Gengo Bunka Kenkyu, International Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Ritsumeikan University, 19(2), pp.67-81

*November 18, 2007 "Bottleneck of Japanese Language Classrooms: Can Japanese Language Classrooms Cross over the Nation State?" The 80th Annual Convention of the Japan Sociological Society, Kanto Gakuin University. For Details (http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/acd/gr/gsce/g/nk01.htm) (Japanese)

*October 28, 2006 "Tear and Problems of National Reproduction by Globalization" The 79th Meeting of Japan Sociological Society Ritsumeikan University

*June 2006 Nose, Keisuke & Yazaki, Hisashi "The Limitation of Treatment Model and the Necessity of Multicultural Theory in Psychiatric Care" Integrated Local Studies 6: 197-212, Matsumoto University Integrated Local Studies Center

*June 2006 "Working for Community with Mingled Differences: The Five Years of NPO Study Group" Japan Society for Studies of Voluntary Activities Bulletin 2004/2005 Japan Society for Studies of Voluntary Activities pp. 20-33

*June 26, 2004 "NPO Study Group as Manners of Community Coexistence: The Four Years of NPO Study Group" The Meeting of Japan Society for Studies of Voluntary Activities in 2004 Matsumoto University

*February 2004 "Liberalism as the Coexistence Method of Aliens: Free Individuals and Overcoming National Aporia" Master's Thesis for Shinshu University Faculty of Arts

*September 2003 "The Three Years of NPO Study Group" Practical Examples of Social Studies: Live and Learn in Nagano's Nature 22: 122-124, Nagano Prefecture Community Centers Committee

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