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■Current Status:

Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2011 "Liberalism and Confucianism: Rights and Virtues," Core Ethics 7:235-248 [PDF]

◆March 31, 2010 "A Model of the Modern Nation State: A Methodological Approach," Core Ethics 6: 323-337 [Abstract in English]

◆March 31, 2009 "A Comparison of Tagore's Nationalism and Sun Yat-sen's The Three Principles of the People from the Perspective of Nationalism," Core Ethics 5:463-476 [Abstract in English]

◆March 23, 2009 "Reflection of the Concept of Nation in Early Globalization: Tagore and Sun Yat-sen," [Abstract in English & Japanese] 5th Annual International Conference Multiculturalism and Social Justice, Ritsumeikan University

◆March 31, 2008 "An Exploration of the Concept of the Modern Nation State: The Case of China," Core Ethics 4:237-250 [Abstract in English]

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