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■Current Position:

◆Post Doctoral Fellow at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

■Academic Achievements

◆ September 20, 2010 Homeless Doctor of Philosophy, Kobunsha, 214p. ISBN-10: 4334035825 ISBN-13: 978-4334035822 777yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

Homeless Doctor of Philosophy

◆ September 18, 2009 "Let's Introduce Future-Oriented Education and University Business Instead of Maintaining the Status Quo where Part-Time Lecturers Are Suffering from Cost Reduction", The Mainichi Shimbun Morning Edition:22

◆ September 10, 2009 Academia Survival, Chuo Koron Shinsha, 248p. ISBN-10: 4121503295 ISBN-13: 978-4121503299 [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

Academia Survival

◆ MIZUKI Shodo et.al. July 2009 Town Development for Children's Lingering on the Way, Gakugei Shuppansha

HIDAKA Tomoo, MIZUKI Shodo, SATO Tatsuya & MATSUBARA Yoko October 26, 2007 "Analysis of IT-supported Communication Opportunities for ALS Patients", Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 15:25-38 [abstract]

MATSUBARA Yoko, MIZUKI Shodo, HIDAKA Tomoo & SATO Tatsuya October 26, 2007 "An Attempt to Conduct ALS Patient Meetings Using the Internet", Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 15:141-156 [abstract]

◆ October 20, 2007 The Highly-educated Working Poor, Kobunsha, 217p. ISBN-10: 4334034233 ISBN-13: 978-4334034238 [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

The Highly-educational Working Poor

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