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Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO
Inter-disciplinary Studies Center
Poverty Alleviation and Social Development Studies Group
Deputy Director & Professor
3-2-2, Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-8545, Japan

◆Mori, Soya ; Reyes, Celia ; Yamagata, Tatsufumi March 2009 Poverty Reduction for the Disabled in the Philippines: Livelihood Analysis from the Data of PWDs in Metro Manila, Joint Research Program Series No.151
◆Albert, Jose Ramon ; Mori, Soya ; Tabuga, Aubrey ; Yamagata, Tatsufumi 2009 "How Do Persons with Disabilities Earn a Living?: Findings from the Field Survey Conducted in Metro Manila, the Philippines", Far East and South Asia Meeting of the Econometric Society (Session 164)
◆Mori, Soya 2009 "Measurements to Assess Progress in Rights and Livelihood of Persons >with Disabilities: Implications Drawn from the IDE-PIDS Socio-Economic Survey of PWDs", UNESCAP Expert Group Meeting, Closing the Gap: Strategies to Combat and Monitor Exclusion in the Asia and the Pacific Region
◆Kobayashi, Masayuki & Mori, Soya March 2009 Poverty Reduction for the Disabled in China: Livelihood Analysis from the Data of the Second China National Sample Survey on Disability, , Joint Research Program Series No.152

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