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■Current Position:

Professor, College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Areas of Interest:

Comparative Medical Policies

■Academic Achievements

◆MATSUDA Ryozo & MUNESUE Tokuko (Eds.) February 20, 2009 International Symposium "Health, Equity and Human Rights: Seeking Grounds of Anti-Health Gap", Report Issued by Research Center Ars Vivendi of Ritsumeikan University, Vol.7, 2009. 130p. ISSN 1882-6539

◆February 10, 2009 Challenging Inequity in Health and Medical Care: International Development and Comparative Policy Analysis between the US and the UK, Keiso Shobo 266p. ISBN-10:4326700610 ISBN-13:978-4326700615 3,360yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya]

◆July 30, 2008 "Forty years for financial stability: a historical analysis of Japanese health policy" (invited speaker), at Issues in UK and Japanese Health Policy, Organizaed by Adam Oliver, sponsored by the Daiwa Foundation, at the London School of Economics and Political Science

◆July 23-26, 2008 "Choice of Primary Care Providers: An Analysis on Regulations and Incentives in Japan" (oral presentation, 24 July), at the 7th European Conference on Health Economics, HEALTH ECONOMICS AND GLOBAL RENAISSANCE, Rome

◆July 2-5, 2008 "Care Coordination: Incentives and Regulations in Japan"(invited speaker, 4 July 2008), at the 7th Annual Symposium of the International Network of Health Policy and Reform, Health System Advancements: Quality Care and Needs Between Business and Ethics, Ljubljana, Slovenia

◆Mao Saito, Ryozo Matsuda and Tsudome Masatoshi June 26-28, 2008 "Life Skills Difficulties Faced by Family Caregivers New Challenges Faced by Japanese Society as a Result of the Changing Profile of Family Caregivers"(oral presentation, 28 June 2008), at the Transforming Care-at local, national and transnational levels, international conference organized by the Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI), Eigtveds pakhus,Copenhagen [abstract]

◆April 10, 2008 "Policy Learning in Health Policy: the Japanese Case" (speaker), at London School of Economics

◆April 2008 "Reform of Local Public Hospitals", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a11/3

◆April 2008 "Action Plan for Promoting Generic Substitution", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a11/2

◆April 2008 "Arguments for Instituting "General Physicians", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a11/1

◆March 6, 2008 "Framing against Health Gap: From Analysis of Industrialized Countries"
International Symposium "Health, Justice and Human Rights:Seeking the Grounds against Health Gap" Ritsumeikan University

◆October 2007 "National Action Plan on Cancer Care", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a10/5

◆October 2007 "Reorganization of Regular Health Check-ups", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a10/4

◆October 2007 "Delegation of Government-Managed Health Insurance", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a10/3

◆October 2007 "Addressing the Physician Shortage", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a10/2

◆October 2007 "Improving Functions of the Frail Elderly", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a10/1

◆Matsuda, Ryozo & Kondo, Katsunori August 2007 "Heath Gaps and Social Policies: Contents & Process of the Policies"
Hoken Iryo Kagaku 56(2):63-75

◆July 2007 "Toward the Comprehensive Development of Health, Medical Care and Welfare: Based on the Systemiatic Framework after the Medical Reform Law in 2006"
Gekkan Jichi Foramu Vol.574, pp.11-17

◆April 2007 "Midcourse review of "Health Japan 21""
Health Policy Monitor Available at For Details (http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a9/1)

◆March 2007 "Detailed Planning for Secure Health Care Delivery", Health Policy Monitor, March 2007. Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a9/3

◆March 2007 "Delivering Appropriate Care for the Aged", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a9/2

◆March 2007 "Midcourse Review of "Health Japan 21"", Health Policy Monitor, Available at http://www.hpm.org/survey/jp/a9/1

◆March 2007 "Citizen and Community Empowerment in Health Care: a Framework for Analyzing Challenges in Empowerment Practice"
Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences 14:183-195 [abstract]

◆December 10-13, 2006 "Changing Health Care Governance in Japan" (oral presentation 12 December), at the Third International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy, Jerusalem, Israel

◆October 26, 2006 Exploring Relationships between Social Networks, Neighborhoods, and Health :An International Workshop, in Kyoto (co-ordinator, with Tomoki Nakaya)

◆Ryozo Matsuda, Kazuo Takayama, and Ikuo Aoki July 11,2005. Pursuing "Clinical Health Equity" in a Mixed Economy of Health Care: A Framework for Policy Analysis(poster presentation), at The 5th World Congress of International Health Economics Association,in Barcelona, Spain

◆June 10-12, 2004 Structural Reform and Health Equity in Japan: A Policy Analysis(oral presentation), at INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR EQUITY IN HEALTH(ISEqH) THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE,in Durban, South Africa

◆June 16, 2003 Equity in Health in Japan: A Descriptive Analysis (oral presentation), at 4th Congress of International Health Economics Association,in San Francisco, USA

◆April 14, 2000 Gender Difference in the Use of Medical Check-up, Wage Employment and the Perception of Medical Check-ups: A Cross-sectional Survey(poster presentation), at the International Conference on Healthy Cities and Urban Policy Research, in Tokyo

◆Matsuda, Ryozo et.al (eds.) April 1999 Health Promotion and Assistance Environment: Viewpoint toward Healthy Japan [amazon]

◆June 21, 1998 Building Healthy Communities Strategically by Health Co-operatives: Support Programs by Health Co-operatives in Japan(oral presentation), at the International Healthy Cities Conference,in Athen, Greece

◆Matsuda, Ryozo et.al August 1997 Introduction to Economics of Medicine [amazon]

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