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■Current Status:

Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2010 "Tranquilizers in Vogue: Grounds and Progress of the Control of Over-the-counter Psychotropic Drugs," Core Ethics 6: 385-399 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆September 26-27, 2009 Poster Presentation "Process of Regulation of Psychotropic Drugs and its Ground for Argument: A Case of Tranquilizer," The 6th Annual Convention of Japan Society of Disability Studies, Ritsumeikan University [Abstract in Japanese]

◆June 7, 2009 "The Rise of Tranquilizer in 1950s to 60s," The 7th Meeting of Japan Welfare Sociology Association, Nagoya Campus of Nihon Fukushi University, Abstract in Japanese

◆March 31, 2009 "The Rise of Antidepressants: Psychiatric Discourse in Japan from the 1950s to the 1970s," Core Ethics 5:293-303 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆December 6, 2008 Report "Politics of Widespread Use of Antidepressant: Statements from 1950s to 1970s"(Tentative)
Project Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi "Study Group on Care" (Japanese), Ritsumeikan University

◆November 24, 2008 "Politics of Spread of Anti-depression Medicine"
Poster Session, The Japan Sociological Society, Tohoku University

◆May 18, 2008 "The Evaluation of Psychoactive Drugs: Positive Evaluation and Criticism in Japan during 1960s to 80s," The 34th Meeting of Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology, Tokyo Metropolitan University. Abstract in Japanese(MS Word)

◆March 31, 2008 "Evaluations of Psychiatric Medication: Affirmations and Criticisms from 1960s to 1980s in Japan and Abroad," (Research Note) Core Ethics 4:465-473 [PDF]/[Abstract in English]

◆September 16 & 17, 2007 "Position of Medicines in Movements by People with Mental Disability" (Japanese)
The 4th Annual Conference of Japan Society for Disability Studies, Ritsumeikan University


◆Project Member, Projects Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi, "Study Group on Mental Health and Society" in Academic Year 2009 & 2010

◆Project Member, Projects Led by Graduate Students at Ars Vivendi, "Study Group on Care" in Academic Year 2008, Global COE Program Ars Vivendi, Ritsumeikan University

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