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*Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

*March 31, 2008 "A Study of Privatization under Globalization: The Case of Postal Services"
Core Ethics 4:485-496 [Abstract]

*March 31, 2008 "Taiwan as an Internal Colony and the 228 Incident in Taiwan"
Core Ethics 4:497-507 [Abstract]

*March 2007 "The Postal Service System in Taiwan in the Process of Establishment of Governance of the Colonial Term: With Emphasis on Military Postal Service, Express Postal Service and Emergency Postal Service"
Yubinshi Kenkyu23, Study Group on the History of Postal Service, 1-10pp.

*March 31, 2007 "A Study of the Establishment of Modern Postal System in Taiwan: Focusing on the Case of Kee-Lung"
Core Ethics 3:391-407 [Abstract]

*March 31, 2006 "State Monopoly of Postal Services in the Formation of Modern State"
Core Ethics 2:195-207 [Abstract]

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