Kolm, Serge-Christophe



1957-1960 Director of the Senegal Development Mission.
1960-1963 Professor and vice-director, National School for Statistics and Economic Administration.
Founder and Director, The European Study Center for Economists and Statisticians of Developing Countries.
1963-1967 Research Professor, Harvard University.
1967-1972 Professor, Stanford University.
1972- Professor and Director of Studies, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences.
1972-1987 Professor, Institute of Political Science.
1972-1994 Professor, Head of Social Science Department, ENPC.
1972-1981 Research Fellow, CEPREMAP (General Planning Commission).
1981-1992 Founder and Director, Research Center in Socio-Economic Analysis.
1993-1999 General Council member.
1999- Member of the Institute of Public Economics.
Research Associate, Research Center in Economics and Management.

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