KONDO Hiroshi

[Japanese] / [Korean]

■Current Status:

Senior Researcher, Kinugasa Research Organization (Research Center for Ars Vivendi), Ritsumeikan University

■Academic Achievements

◆May 9, 2013 "Self-introduction"

◆March 31, 2011 "Book Review: Ethnography of Experiences of Horror--Japanese Version of Pierre Clastres Chronique des Indiens Guayaki: ce que savent les Aches, chasseurs nomades du Paraguay," Core Ethics 7:401-403

◆March 31, 2011 "Book Review: Viewpoint of Discontinuity--Japanese Version of Claude Lévi-Strauss L'origine des manières de table," Core Ethics 7:405-407

◆March 31, 2011 "Book Review: Human Thoughts and Animals--Japanese Version of Claude Lévi-Strauss L'homme nu," Core Ethics 7:409-411

◆March 31, 2009 "Anthropologists Discuss the History of 'Others': A Consideration of the Model of Subjectivity in the Study of Oral Tradition," Core Ethics 5:123-132 [Abstract in English]

◆March 31, 2009 "A Consideration about Mythologique" (Research Note) Core Ethics 5:453-451 [Abstract in English]

◆March 31, 2008 "Reading Amerindian Myths: A Consideration of Levi-Strauss' Mythological Studies in the 1950s" (Research Note) Core Ethics 4:427-435 [Abstract in English]

◆December 10, 2008 "Report about Workshop on From SARS to Bird Flue: Public Health and Animial Diseases Between Hong Kong and Guangdong" (Japanese)
Workshop on From SARS to Bird Flue: Public Health and Animial Diseases Between Hong Kong and Guangdong, Ritsumeikan University

◆December 5, 2008 Translation into Japanese
From Levi-Strauss, Claude 1965 "The future of kinship studies: The Huxley Memorial Lecture 1965", Proceedings of the Rayal Anthroplogical Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.
Shiso 1016 (2008-12):187-208

◆March 31, 2007 "Examination of Cultural Concept and Social Groups of Levi-Strauss"
Birth 1:136-141


Frédéric Keck


◆October 1, 2013 "Conducting Field-work Research in Villages of the Embera People in Eastern Panama" http://www.ritsumei-arsvi.org/en/news/read/id/203

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