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◆Associate Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan


◆Social Policy
◆Social Welfare
◆Welfare Sociology

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■Academic Achievements


◆October 2014 "The Future of the Public Assistance Reform in Japan: Workfare versus Basic Income?" VANDERBORGHT Yannick & YAMAMORI Toru (Eds.) October 2014 Basic Income in Japan: Prospects for a Radical Idea in a Transforming Welfare State,Palgrave Macmillan., pp.83-99

  ◆May 1, 2007 "If You Are Joking but Are Honest, "Don't Kill Me!": "Reality" of Workfare Policies in New York"
Vol 2, Ibunsha 4753102548 ISBN-13: 978-4753102549 2,310 [amazon]

◆November 1, 2007 "Stated Principles and Real Intentions on Workfare"
Gendai Shiso 35(14): 206.

◆December 5, 2007 "Section 2 The Current Condition of Social Welfare of Each Country II North America, The United States The Current Condition of Social Welfare/ IV. Public Assistance: TANF and Workfare"
HAGIWARA Yasuo, MATSUMURA Sachiko, USAMI Koichi & GOTOH Reiko (eds.) Almanac of Social Welfare in the World in 2007, Shunposha, 242-50,262-9. [amazon] / [boople] (Japanese)
http://workfare.info/kh/200705.htm (Japanese)

◆July 15, 2009 "Workfare" VOL collective eds. (SHIRAISHI Yoshiharu, YABU Shiro eds) VOL lexicon Ibunsha, 186-187.

AMADA Josuke, KOBAYASHI Hayato, SAITO Taku, HASHIGUCHI Shoji, MURAKAMI Kiyoshi & YAMAMOTO Takanori March 20, 2010 "Production/Labor/Distribution/Discrimination"(Round-table Discussion)
Ars Vivendi 2:14-70

◆March 20, 2010 "International Research Survey over Workfare: The U.S. versus Cuba versus Canada" (Japanese)
 Ars Vivendi 2:390-393.

◆June 10, 2010 "Chapter 2. Welfare Reform in California: The Competition and Consequence of Two Workfare Models" SHIBUYA Hiroshi and NAKAHAMA Takashi eds. American Model Welfare State 1 Showado.

Academic articles

◆March 31, 2006 "The Results of a Vision of the Early Workfare: The Shrinking of Welfare by the Strength of Work Requirements for AFDC Recipients"
Core Ethics 2:103-114 [abstract]

◆April 15, 2006 "A Reexamination of the GAIN Program in California: For the Evaluation of Workfare Policy"
Syakai Seisaku Kenkyu 6: 165-83
[abstract] (http://workfare.info/kh/200602.htm#e)

◆March 31, 2007 "The Origin and Transformation of the Idea of Workfare: From Charles Evers to Richard Nixon"
Core Ethics 3:133-142 [abstract]

◆June 23, 2007 "Workfare Policies in New York City: Effects for welfare recipients which Employment "Assistance" Programs give"
Fukushi Shakaigaku Kenkyu 4: 144-164
[abstract] (http://workfare.info/kh/200703.htm#e)

◆May 31, 2008 "Book Review: Negishi, Takehiro, Welfare Reform in the U.S.A."
Study of Social Welfare 49(1), 199-201, Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare
For Details(http://workfare.info/kh/200801.htm) (Japanese)


◆SEN Amartya K., December 19, 2008, "Consequential Evaluation and Practical Reason," GOTOH Reiko & SEN Amartya K, Well-Being and Justice, University of Tokyo Press, ix+299p+viii


◆June 26, 2005, "Reality of Workfare Policy: Through Case in Riverside County, California State,"
The 3rd Annual Confference of Japan Welfare Sociology Association

◆June 25, 2006, "Workfare Policy after Werlfare Reform: Through Cases in New York"
The 4th Annual Confference of Japan Welfare Sociology Association

◆October 28, 2006, "The Origin and Transformation of the Idea of Workfare: From Charles Evers to Richard Nixon,"
The 79th Annual Confference of the Japan Sociological Society

◆January 13, 2007 "The Current Condition of Workfare: Through Cases in New York"
Special Event No.2 ""Security" in Post Welfare Nations", Preliminary Project Seminar of Publicness, Ritsumeikan University

◆May 19, 2007 "Spread and Transformation of Workfare: Relocation of Policies from the U.S. to Britain"
The 114th Annual Convention of Society for the Study of Social Policy, The Unievrsity of Tokyo
For Details (http://workfare.info/kh/2007sp.doc) (Japanese)

◆February 28, 2009, "Policy Evaluation of Welfare Reform in California: Human Resource Development Model vs. Labour Force Attachment Model?"
2008 Confference of Kansai Welfare Sociology Association

◆June 7, 2009, "Workfare Policy in New York City II: Focus on Conditions of Recipients after participation in Programs"
The 7th Annual Confference of Japan Welfare Sociology Association

◆December 18, 2009 "On Writing the Peer-reviewd Academic Papers" Department of Social Welfare, Doshisha University Graduate School of Social Studies, Seminar for Graduate Students, Doshisha University

◆January 22, 2010 The Current Situation and Issues of Workfare: Focusing on the Policies in New York City" Guest Speaker of the Workshop at the Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University.

◆July 2, 2010 "The Effects of U.S. Workfare Policies on Japanese Welfare Reform: A Vision for Basic Income in Japan," 13th International Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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