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■Academic Achievements

◆March 31, 2012 "Youths with Disability Who Carried Korea’s Disability Rights Movement: Repeated Integration of Disability Organizations from 1990 to 1998," Core Ethics 8:221-231 [PDF]

◆March 31, 2011 "The Origin of the Disabled People's Movement in South Korea: Activities of the Polio Association of South Korea and the Foundation and Expansion of the Ullimteo Society for Disabilities Studies," Core Ethics 7:177-186 [PDF]

◆March 20, 2010 "Conversion of Paradigm as a Result of Movements by People with Severe Disabilities in South Korea: Focusing on Independent Living after the 2000s and Movements for Solidarity of the Mobility Right"
Ars Vivendi 2:249-264

◆October 23, 2008 "For Solidarity (Provisional Title)"
"Discussion Group on the History of Social/Political Movements of Disabled People in South Korea and Japan", Ritsumeikan University

◆September 16 & 17, 2007 "The History of Movements by People with Disabilities in Korea (from 1950 to 2007)" (Japanese), The 4th Annual Conference of Japan Society for Disability Studies, Ritsumeikan University

■Other Activities

◆February 2011 to March 2011 Research in the U.S.
"Korean Scholar Visits to Study American IL Movement" http://www.rtcil.org/international/HeekyoungChong.shtml

◆September 21 to 24, 2010 Teaching Assistant, Special Lecture Series by Prof. Colin Barnes

◆May 27 to 29, 2010 Coordinator and Interpreter, The International Program of the Global COE Program Ars Vivendi

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