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■Current Position:

◆Special Visiting Professor, Ritsumeikan University (Global COE Program for Ars Vivendi)
◆President, Africa Japan Forum


◆March 16, 2011 "In Perilous Times Like These We Need to Keep the Flame of International Solidarity Alive More Then Ever"

◆Dec.- Nov., 2009 "Survey in Ethiopia and Kenya: Inspection on Hunger, Aid and AIDS after 25 Years"

◆September 28-29, 2009 "Working Hand-in-hand for the Just World", 2009 UNU/UNESCO International Conference on Africa and Globalization-Learning from the Past, Enabling a Better Future-", United Nations University

◆February 12, 2008 "Seeing Tomorrow's Africa in View of Fight with Poverty and AIDs"
Course on Africa Held by Okayama International Foundation

◆Tsuyama, Naoko, Hirabayashi, Kaoru & Hayashi, Tatsuo November 28, 2007 "Two Women Who Live in South Africa Talk" (Round Table Discussion)
Tsuyama, Naoko (Living in Africa for 13 years, Local Representative of JVC in South Africa) X Hirabayashi, Kaoru (Living in Africa for 10 years, Local Representative of TAAA in South Africa) X Hayashi, Tatsuo(Involved in Africa for 25 Years, Representative of AJF)
http://www.ajf.gr.jp/lang_ja/activities/zadankai20071128hokoku.html (Japanese)

◆August 22, 2007 "Talking about My Feeling to Africa: Responding to the Interview"
http://www.ajf.gr.jp/lang_ja/message/20070822.html (Japanese)

◆May 23, 2007 "Civil Society that Creates Japan that Contributes to the World"
Theory of Civil Society II, Keio University

◆May 11, 2007 "From Africa to White Bands and Year 2008: Hayashi, Tatsuo's Message"
Ohmy News http://www.ohmynews.co.jp/news/20070509/10924 (Japanese)

◆April 21, 2007 "Fight with AIDS: Voices of People That Changed the World"
Construction of "Ars Vivendi", Saturday Lecture, Ritsumeikan University

◆February 13, 2007 Lecture at Wise Man Club
Host:Wise Man Club in Tokyo, Wise Man Club in Tokyo

◆February 10, 2007 Remark as a Symposist
Symposium "Dialogue between Citizens and the Government Changes the Global Society"

◆February 5, 2007 Remark as a Panelist
ODA Town Meeting, Hosted by the Foreign Ministry, International House, Osaka
http://www.apic.or.jp/plaza/oda/topic/20070220-01.html (Japanese)

◆June 3, 2005 Fight with AIDS: People's Voices that Changed the World, Iwanami Booklet No.654, ISBN: 4000093541 504yen [amazon] (Japanese)

◆August 2001 "AIDS and Security Guarantees of Human Being: Health and Medical Care in the Age of Disease and Pro-patent"
Katsumata, Makoto (ed) Globalization and Security Guarantees of Human Being (Japanese), Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha, 401p. ISBN-10: 4818813648 ISBN-13: 978-4818813649 2835yen [amazon]/[kinokuniya] (Japanese)

■E-mail Magazines

Ars Vivendi E-mail Magazine No.55 (August 15, 2011)

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