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◆Professor, Hitotsubashi University

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■Academic Achievements

DUMOUCHEL Paul & GOTOH Reiko (Eds.) August 2015 Social Bonds as Freedom: Revisiting the Dichotomy of the Universal and the Particular,Berghahn Books, 296p. ISBN-10:1782386939 ISBN-13:978-1782386933 [amazon]

『Social Bonds As Freedom: Revisiting the Dichotomy of the Universal and the Particular』

◆March 25, 2013 "Recent my work: Reiko Gotoh/economic philosophy"

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『Against Injustice』

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『Against Injustice』

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◆March 6, 2008 Comment, International Symposium "Health, Justice and Human Rights:Seeking the Grounds against Health Gap" Ritsumeikan University

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◆November 22, 2007 "Social Justice and Basic Life Security"
OKAZAWA Norio & Research Institute for Advancement of Living Standards (Eds.) Declaration of Welfare Governance: Crossing the Market and Nation, Nihon Keizai Hyoronsha

◆October 18, 19 & 22, 2007 "Ethical Thinking and Beyond Ethics and Economics, A New Perspective "Against Injustice,"
New Directions in Global Political Economy, 125 Anniversary Symposium of Waseda University

◆October 1, 2007 "What should We Do? The Framework of Security of Basic Life"
"Open Seminar in Fall" Held by Labor Gakuen

◆September 17-20, 2007 "Social Choice in Multicultural Society", Conference of HDCA: Ideas Changing History, The New School, New York City

◆June 2007 "Social Selective Issues in Capability Approach: Is It Possible to Form the Social Evaluation that Guarantees Every Individual the Basic Capability ?"
Kikan Shakai Hosho Kenkyu, vol. 43, No. 1, 2007, pp.15-26. [PDF] (Japanese)

◆From May 29, 2007 to June 1, 2007 "A Note on Capability Comparison and Social Evaluation"
Paper for WORKSHOP II MULTIDIMENSIONAL COMPARISONS, VALUES AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL POVERTY, Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI), Dept of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford

◆April 30, 2007 "(Paper on Book Review) DOBA Gaku & SEIYAMA Kazuo (Eds.) The Logic of Justice: Normative Social Theory of Public Values Volume 4 of Mathmatical Sociology" (Keiso Shobo, 2006)
Riron to Houhou, Japanese Association for Mathmatical Sociology, 2007, vol. 22, No.1, pp. 123-127.

◆March 24 & 25, 2007 "Social Choice in Multicultural Societies"
International Conference, SOCIAL JUSTICE AND MULTICULTURALISM, Ritsumeikan University, Soshikan 1st floor, Conference Room

◆March 10, 2007 Keynote Speech "Living and Justice No.2"
Kyoto Meeting, Kyoto Kyouiku Bunka Center

◆February 21, 2007 Keynote Sppech "Logos and Ethos that Support Assistance: Justice and Mutuality"
Public Symposium (Symposium of International Social Sciences) "Japanese Assitance to Developing Countries: Focusing on Yen Loan and Reduction of Poverty" Cohosted by YNU-JBIC, Yokohama Media and Communications Center

◆February 19, 2007 "Seeking Substantial Surety of Substantial Freedom"
"Human Beings in Economics", Conference Held by Open Research Program at Soka University, Soka University

◆January 20, 2007 "Seeking Substantial Surety of Substantial Freedom: Methodological Perspectives of Rawls' Difference Principle and Capability Theory"
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『世界の社会福祉年鑑 2006』

◆October 2006 "Social Justice and Public Assistance: The Meaning of Public Mutuality"
Shakai Fukushi Kenkyu 97:32-40

◆September 2006 "Social Foundation and Public Assistance for Independence"
Chingin to Shakai Hosho 1426:4-10

◆September 10, 2006 "Amartya Sen: Revolutionist of Modern Economics" pp.327-341
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◆August 29 - September 1, 2006 "Welfare Reform based on Capability Theory and Public Reciprocity: An Idea of Reformulation of Basic Income",
The 2006 Annual Meeting of the Human Development and Capability Association, Groningen, Netherlands

◆July 9-13, 2006 "Welfare Reform in Japan and Capability Approach",
Fukuoka 2006 20th IPSA World Congress, Fukuoka International Convention Center

◆July 2006 "Principles of Justice between Generations and its Legislative Process: Reconsideration of Rawls' Social Contract Theory" (pp.337-358)
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◆Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare Volume 1 (ARROW Kenneth J., SEN Amartya K. & SUZUMURA Kotaro)= June 30, 2006 SUZUMURA Kotaro, SUGA Koichi, NAKAMURA Shinsuke & HIROKAWA Midori (eds.) 『社会的選択と厚生経済学ハンドブック』, Maruzen, 755p. ISBN:9784621075289 (4621075284) 23,100 [amazon]/[boople] (Japanese)
Translation by GOTOH Reiko:d'Aspremont C. and Geverse L. "Social Welfare Functional nad Comparative Possibility among Individuals"

◆June 17, 2006 "Daily Life and Justice",
The 3rd Meeting of Nihon Group Home Gakkai, Creo Osaka Central

◆GOTOH Reiko et.al. December 2004 Life in Risk Society [amazon]


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◆January 16, 2004 "Justice and Care"/"Framework of Harmonization of Normative Theories and Multilayered Welfare Securities"
SHIONOYA Yuichi, SUZUMURA Kotaro & GOTOH Reiko (Eds.) January 16, 2004 Public Philosophy of Welfare (Japanese), University of Tokyo Press, 336p. ISBN 4-13-051119-X 4410yen [amazon]/[boople]/[bk1] (Japanese)

◆SHIONOYA Yuichi, SUZUMURA Kotaro & GOTOH Reiko (Eds.) January 16, 2004 Public Philosophy of Welfare (Japanese), University of Tokyo Press, 336p. ISBN 4-13-051119-X 4410yen [amazon]/[boople]/[bk1] (Japanese)


◆March 31, 2003 "Pluralistic Democracy and Publicness", pp.107-130
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◆June 29, 2002 Economical Philosophy of Justice: Rawls and Sen, Toyo Keizai Shinposha, 466p. 4,200


◆SUZUMURA Kotaro & GOTOH Reiko September 2001 Amartya Sen: Economics & Ethics, Jikkyo Shuppan


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