EVERS Charles





1963 "C Plan Movement" in Birmingham, Arabama
19630611(evening) President John F. Kennedy proposed to submit a new civil-rights bill to Congress immediately on TV.
19630612(0611midnight) Medgar Evers (a little brother of Charles) was assasined in front of his house.
19630619 President John F. Kennedy submitted a new civil-rights bill to Congress.

19631122 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

19640712 President Johnson signed a new civil-rights bill.

★196801 Charles Evers proposed "workfare" as one of his programs, when he run for election of Congress third district in Mississippi.

196905 Charles Evers run for election of Fayet, Mississippi.
19690603 election day: 433 vote vs. 264 vote
19690707 Charles Evers becomed a Mayor of Fayet, Mississippi.

1971 Charles Evers run for election of Govenor in Mississippi.


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"Interview with Honorable Charles Evers : mayor of Fayette, Mississippi"

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