Davenport, Charles Benedict




◆1911 Heredity in relation to eugenics
 New York, H. Holt and company, 1911 2p.l., iii-xi, 298p. col. front.illus., fold. chart. 23cm.
◆Davenport, Charles Benedict; Laughlin, Harry Hamilton,,1880-,j*a*; Weeks, David Fairchild,,1874-,j*a*;Johnstone,Edward Ransom,,1870-,j*a*;Goddard,Henry Herbert,,1866-,j*a* 1911
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◆1911 Heredity in relation to eugenics by Charles Benedict Davenport ..
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◆1913 State laws limiting marriage selection examined in the light of eugenics
 Cold Spring Harbor [N.Y.] 1913 66p. tables (1 fold.) diagrs. (1 fold.)23cm.
◆Davenport, Charles Benedict; Laughlin, Harry Hamilton,,1880-,joint author.
 1915 How to make a eugenical family study
 Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., 1915 35p. diagrs. 23cm.
◆Davenport, Charles Benedict; Muncey, Elizabeth B,1858- 1916
 Huntington's chorea in relation to heredity and eugenics
 Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., 1916p. [195]-222. illus. (map) 23cm.
  cf.ハンチントン(舞踏)病 (Huntington Disease)
◆1923 Scientific papers of the second International congress of eugenics
 held at American museum of natural history, New York, September 22-28, 1921

 CS: International eugenics congress. 2d, New York, 1921. Baltimore,
 Williams & Wilkins company, 1923 2 v. front. (v. 2) illus.,plates, ports., diagrs. 24cm.
◆Davenport, Charles Benedict; Keeler, Clyde Edgar,1900-;Slye,Maude,1879-;Macklin,Madge De Grofft(Thurlow),,1893-; Gates,Reginald Ruggles,1882-;Snyder,Laurence Hasbrouck,1901- 
 1940-9999 Medical genetics and eugenics .. 
 *Hooton,Earnest Albert,1887-* C*S*Philadelphia.;Woman's medical college of Pennsylvannia.Philadelphia,Pa.,Woman's medical college of Pennsylvania 1940-9999 v.illus.,diagrs.24cm.
◆1972 COPYRIGHT DATE: 1911 Heredity in relation to eugenics Introd. by Charles E. Rosenberg SR: Medicine & society in America New York, Arno Press, xi, 298p. illus. 23cm. 0405030478
◆Davenport, Charles B.; Rosenberg, Charles E.-Intro. by 
 19720301 Heredity in Relation to Eugenics
 SR: Medicine & Society in America Ser. P: Ayer Co Pubs, 320p.,
 EDITION: Repr. of 1911 ed. 0-405-03946-8 Active entry Trade $22.00



WHO  ◇優生(学) (eugenics)
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