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Duden, Barbara 1985 "Analyze Body Historially: Critique of an Ideology Named 'Health'", American Association of Advanced Sciences (「身体を歴史的に読み解く――<健康(ヘルス)>という名のイデオロギー批判」), tr. by Mariko Tamanoi (玉野井 麻利子), Shiso(『思想』)736:127-135 <283>
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Tateiwa, Shinya(立岩 真也) 2016 On Private Property, English Version, Kyoto Books

 chap.4. note 2
 "I always took it for granted that I possess a body. [But] none of the [18th century German] women I studied ever spoke about themselves using a possessive pronoun."(Duden [1985:127], cf. Chapter 5 Note 22)

 「◇02 「私はつねに、自分は身体を有していることをあたりまえだと思っていました。(けれども)私が研究した(一八世紀のドイツの)女性の誰も、所有代名詞を使って自分を語るということがありませんでした。」(Duden[1985:127]、( )内は引用者、cf.第5章注22)」

 "'Respect for life' is a political slogan that implies your opponents' murderous intentions cannot be punished. 'Life' is one of the keywords most often used to promote everything from powdered soaps to bathtubs. Today the word 'life' is both contentless and overflowing with content, and has become a hotly contested term even though it is hardly worth analyzing."(Duden[1991 = 1993:162])


 chap. 5 note 22
 Duden [1991]. In the same text the author writes as follows.
 "The 'life' that accentuates the ethical and high-handed arguments of today belongs to the history of deceit and delusion, and perhaps the history of religion, and is not fit for the history of the body." (Duden [1991=1993:155]. For more on Duden, see Ogino [1993]) and note 2 of chapter 5 ind this book.
 There is also the following passage, cited in Shuihi Kato [1991b:191996:52].
 "As a physical sense on the part of the sex which bears children, "conception" is first felt not as a condition related to another person but rather overwhelmingly as "something occurring within my own body." Can we not in fact say that the definition of the creation of life through conception as the emergence of the other is a misapprehension based on the effect of abstract images?" (Makiko Ozawa [1987:340-341]).

 「◇22 Duden[1991=1993]。この書の中で彼女は次のようにも言う。
「倫理的で高圧的な現在の論議をきわだたせているあの「生命」は、欺瞞と妄想の歴史、そしておそらくは▽364 宗教の歴史に属するものであって、身体の歴史にはふさわしくないのである。」(Duden[1991=1993:155])ドゥーデンについては荻野美穂[1993]。本書283・299頁でも引用した。

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