CHIBA Masaya

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Last update: 20160529

■Current Status:

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

■Research Areas:

◆Philosophy / Philosophy/Ethics / Metaphysics
◆Philosophy / History of thought / Modern and Contemporary French Philosophy (especially Gilles Deleuze)
◆Philosophy / Aesthetics/Art history / Critical Theory
◆The arts / Study of the arts/History of the arts/Arts in general / Culture and Representation (Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies)
◆Gender / Gender / Queer Theory

■Academic Achievements (Recent Ones)

◆October 22, 2013 Shouldn't Move Too Much: Gilles Deleuze and the Philosophy of Becoming, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, 369p. ISBN-10:4309246354 ISBN-13:978-4309246352 2500+tax [amazon][kinokuniya]

Published Papers
◆July 2013 "Out in the Wilds (11) An Analysis with End" (in Japanese), Gendai Shiso 41(9) 19-21 [Invited]
◆May 2013 "Out in the Wilds (10) Stereotype and Denial" (in Japanese), Gendai Shiso 41(7) 25-29 [Invited]
◆April 2013 "Out in the Wilds (9) Pas-toute (Not-whole)" (in Japanese), Gendai Shiso 41(5) 14-23 [Invited]
◆February 2013 "Out in the Wilds (8) Isolation 2" (in Japanese), Gendai Shiso 41(2) 18-20 [Invited]

◆November 2013 "Being Lead by Deleuze's Words: On "Shouldn't Move Too Much"" (dialogue, in Japanese) Masaya CHIBA, Takahiro NAKAJIMA Dokushojin (2013/11/29) 1-2 [Invited]
◆June 2013 "An essay on the Freezing of Thought: The Exhibition of Francis Bacon in 2013" (in Japanese) Masaya CHIBA Subaru 35(6) 172-176 [Invited]
◆March 2013 "Anxiety, Alterity of Interruption, Otherwise Deaths: Review on Keiichiro SHIBUYA and Toshinori OKADA's Opera "THE END"" (in Japanese) Masaya CHIBA Bijutsu-Techo 112-115
◆January 2013 "The Speculative Turn and the Philosophy of Post-Thought" (dialogue, in Japanese) Yoshiyuki KOIZUMI, Masaya CHIBA Gendai Shiso 41(1) 127-143 [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks
◆November 29, 2013 "Escape and Disconnection: How to Re-read Deleuze Now" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA (Discussants: Akira ASADA and Hiroshi NARUMI), Kyoto University of Art and Design, Graduate School Academic Research Center Seminar
◆June 23, 2013 "Many-sided Catalepsy: The Body-and-City in Francis Bacon" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Colloquium "The Body and the Art in Social System" (Ritsumeikan University)
◆June 1, 2013 "The Two Sides of Deleuzian Image of Thought: Universal Connection and Asignifying Rupture", Masaya CHIBA, The First International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference (Taipei)
◆May 30, 2013 "The Philosophy of "Partial Non-Relations": Seen from the Cultural Critique after Post-Structuralism in Japan" [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Asian Frontiers Forum: Questions Concerning Life and Technology after 311 (National Taiwan University) Moderator: TU Ming-hung, Organizers: Taiwan Humanities Society; Center for Taiwan Studies, National Taiwan University; NSC research project “Thinking East Asia, Overcoming the Global, and Imagining the World”
◆April 26, 2013 "From Gyaru-o to Onlotogy: Or on Isolation (3)" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Genron Café
◆March 23, 2013 "From Gyaru-o to Onlotogy: Or on Isolation (2)" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Genron Café
◆February 22, 2013 "From Gyaru-o to Onlotogy: Or on Isolation (1)" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Genron Café
◆January 21, 2013 "Some Ontological Interpretations of Lacan's "Formulae of Sexuation"" (in Japanese) [Invited], Masaya CHIBA, Osaka University Inspiring Advanced Research Promotion Project "Our Future in the Era of Bioscience" 31st Seminar


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