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*Current Status: Graduate Student, Graduate School of Core Ethics and Frontier Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

[Academic Achievements]
*March 31, 2007 "The Reaffirmation of the Stigmatized Family: the Examination of Comparative Studies about English-Speaking Lesbian-families in Countires"
Core Ethics 3:13-26 [abstract]

*March 31, 2007 "On Survey of Needs of the Involved Persons on Legal Protection of Partnership between Individuals of the Same Sex"
Joint Evaluation Meeting of the Women's Studies Society of Japan

*January 2007 "Are There Any Cases that a Couple of the Same Sex Has a Child?", "Are There Any Problems that a Couple of the Same Sex Raises a Child?", "Are There Any Countries that Allows a Couple of the Same Sex to Have Joint Custody?"
Partnership and Life and System: Marriage, Unmarried Cohabitation and Gay Marriage Ryokufu Shuppan, pp.192-204

*March 31, 2006 "Beyond Limitations in the Legal Definition of 'Parent': What Lesbian-mothers Assert in Legal Courts in America"
Core Ethics 2:17-29 [abstract]

*March 31, 2006 "Is Childrearing by Lesbian-mothers Healthy?: Empirical Studies in Developmental Psychology and Disputes about the Children of Lesbian-mothers in America & Europe"
Core Ethics 2:209-223 [abstract]

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