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◆Year of Birth: 1976
◆Place of Birth: Shizuoka City

■Current Status:

◆Research Fellow at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan

■Research Theme

◆Disabled People and Employment

■School education (university and above)

◆March, 2010 Received PhD at Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University

■Work experience

◆April, 2011- Research fellow, Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University
◆April, 2010 Post-doctoral fellow, Research Center for Ars Vivendi at Ritsumeikan University (up to March, 2011)
◆April, 2005 Kyoto Koka Women's University, Part-time teacher of 'English reading skills I-II' (up to March, 2009)
◆May, 2008 Osaka University Disability Resource Center, coordinator (up to September, 2009)
◆April, 2008 Kyoto Prefectural University part-time teacher of 'Information processing seminar' (up to March, 2009)
◆October, 2003 Nutrition College of Osaka Municipal Institute of Environmental Sciences, part-time teacher of psychology (up to March, 2009)
◆April, 2002 Social Welfare Corporation, Ainofukushikai, Shutsuranso (vocational training facility for physically handicapped) (up to March, 2005)


◆Refereed papers:

  • Sho, Yamaguchi, Kaname Uemura and Chihoko Aoki, 2012, "An assessment of the read-aloud function from the point of view of people with visual disabilities: a perspective of the appearance of e-books", Journal of the Japan Society of Information and Communication Research, vol.30 (2), pp.85-98.
  • Chihoko Aoki 2011 "Work ethics; a look at the working situation of disabled people." The Liberation of Humankind: A Sociological Review 25:9-25.
  • Chihoko Aoki 2011 "Is independence norm?: the experience of independent living by mentaly disabled people." Journal of Disability Studies 7:301-325.
  • Chihoko Aoki, Tomohide Atsumi 2009 "Norms and disablement: From the working situation of disabled people." Journal of Disability Studies 5:164-186
  • Chihoko Aoki 2007 "A New Method of Functional Assessment: Yule's Q and Sequential Analysis" Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis 21 (2): 93-105

    ◆Not refereed papers:

  • Chihoko Aoki, printing, "Institutionalization of the disabled people during disasters", The Annual Review of the Tokai Sociological Society, vol.4.
  • Chihoko Aoki, 2013, "Life in the community: a means or a purpose?", Journal of Disability Studies, 9: 68-92.
  • Sho Yamaguchi, Kaname Uemura, Chihoko Aoki and Yoko Matsubara, 2012, "A questionnaire survey of publishers about the accessibility of e-books", International Public Economy Studies, vol.23, pp.244-255.
  • Airi Yasuoka, Takanori Sato, Chihoko Aoki, Takashi Matsubara and Chie Akikaze "Trends and Achievements of Disability Studies: from the viewpoint of Disability & Society" Annual Report of Human Sciences No. 30 113-128 2009
  • Chihoko Aoki 2008 "Method of Functional Assessment using Yule's Q and Sequential Analysis: Subsequent Development" report for 15th Behavioural Mathematical Study Group, 33-51
  • Chihoko Aoki and Tomohide Atsumi "A Study of Workplace Adaptation Support Program" Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences Bulletin 33 No. pp.113-128 2007
  • Chihoko Aoki 2007 "Words of "independence" and "symbiosis" " report for Y.M.C.A. Research Institute Research Forum, 1:3-17
  • Sachiko Ishihara, Chihoko Aoki, and Akira Mochizuki "A Support for Enhancing Verbal Behavior in a Child with Autism : The Effects of Choice-making of Activities." Ritsumeikan Journal of Human Sciences No. 3 pp.72-81 2002

    ■Reports in English

    ◇Chihoko Aoki, Kaname Uemura and Sho Yamaguchi 2012/03/26 "Efforts made in Japan to claim the right of the visually disabled people to read". The 28th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity. Hawaii Convention Center. [PDF]
    ◇Chihoko Aoki 2012/03/26 "Disaster support systems for people with disabilities in Japan". in Masayo Furui, Toru Furui, Kiyoharu Shiraishi, and Chihoko Aoki : Human Rights Violations of persons with Disabilities in Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power Plant Accident. 〔PDF〕 The 28th Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disability and Diversity. Hawaii Convention Center.


    Joe Reichle, David R. Beukelman and Janice C. Light (compilation) "Exemplary Practices for Beginning Communicators: Implications for AA" Akira Mochizuki, Takashi Muto, Masako Yoshioka, Chihoko Aoki (supervision of translation) March, 2009 Fukumura Shuppan

    ■Other printed texts

    1.Chihoko Aoki, Tomomi Kubo, Etsuko Tatsumi and Daisuke Yamanaka "((Special Edition)) "Campus is also part of the city" Volo June issue (Volume in regular count: No. 436) June, 2008. (section of "Worried from HUS and deep-fried tofu" )
    2.Lucky Uematsu, Yukiko Chiba, Chihoko Aoki and Hiroko Hanafusa "((special edition))Civil Activities through Comics" Volo July issue (Volume in regular count: No. 437) July, 2008 (section of "Research "through" Comics".
    3.Chihoko Aoki, Akira Makiguchi, Yukiko Chiba and Tomomi Kubo "((special edition))Is poverty their own responsibility?" Volo December issue (Volume in regular count: No. 441) December, 2008 (sections of "Precariat Seen with the Eyes of Leading Figures of the Labor Movement" and "What can we do now?")
    4.Chihoko Aoki "((library)) Do you support death penalty? Or oppose it?" Volo January issue (Volume in regular count: No. 442) January, 2009 (Review of "Bokunchi" and "Morino Asagao")
    5.Chihoko Aoki and Lucky Uematsu "((Seminars selected by Mr. Volo)) Low-cost third-class mail for mentally and physically disabled" Volo June issue (Volume in regular count: No. 446) June, 2009 (Expository writing appended to lucky Uematsu's comics)
    6.Chihoko Aoki, Yoshiaki Ogasawara and Kozue Okamura "((special edition)) Body Donation" Volo July and August issuse (Volume in regular count: No. 447) July, 2009 ("Diversity around the concept of "useful to society" revolving around donation of bodies after death" and column introducing the debates in anatomy.)

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