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立岩 真也 2020/07/


立岩 真也にインタビューのご質問 - 2021/7/26

@「障害に対して社会全体の認識が高まったという」 これはどこまで本当の話と思いますか?



C2012年にロンドン・パラリンピックの後では、今日まで英国にもっと「Disability」とか「Paralympic athletes」に対して社会の認識にあるようでございます。東京パラリンピックに続いて、日本でも同様のことが起こる可能性はあると思いますか。



@ Do you think that there has been an increased awareness of disabilities in Japan in recent years?

A What needs to change in Japan for people with disabilities to live equally in society?

B Is there any difference in the meaning of "障害" in Japanese and "Disability" in English?
If so, could you please explain what it is?

C Following the success of the London Paralympics in 2012, it seems that there is more social awareness of disability and Paralympic athletes in the UK to this day, (For example, there are many more disabled people on TV). Do you think the same thing could happen in Japan following the Tokyo Paralympics?

D Do you think the Paralympics are effective in raising awareness of people with disabilities?

E Are there any problems peculiar to Japan that people with disabilities are facing?

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